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Camera360 Ultimate

Latest Version: 5.4.6

Updated November 5, 2014

What's New:

What’s new in Camera360
  • Some minor bugs are fixed

App Description

Camera360, loved by 250+ million users globally, is No.1 camera app in many countries. Together with HelloCamera, Movie360, and Pink360, Camera360 provides a comprehensive suite of professional yet fun mobile photography options.

To make your life even easier, Camera360 has introduced Camera360 Cloud, a cloud platform that can help you manage, edit, store, and share your photos all in one place. Join the millions of users in enjoying these FREE services!


  • New User Center
  • New user center makes all your messages managed at one your own center. Email register for Camera360 Cloud is finally available.
  • New Camera Store. ALL FREE NOW!
  • New ID Photo Cam joined the family this time. 10 creative cameras of Camera360 are moved to “Camera Store” where you can add and manage your preferred camera only. Effect Cam, Selfie Cam, Easy Cam, Scene Cam, Funny Cam, Tilt-shift Cam, Color-shift Cam, Audio Cam, Video, and ID Photo Cam are available for free now. Customize your own Camera360 now.
  • New Effect Store. ALL FREE TOO!
  • More than 100 great Effects of Camera360 can be found in new Effect Store where you can add and manage your own preferred effect. The most important part is ALL FREE!
  • User Friendly Photo Album
  • Photos are classified by time in Camera360 album for easy photo search and management. Photos in phone gallery can be browsed and edited in “Other Album”.
  • Professional Photo Edit features
  • Crop, Rotate, Blur, Texture, Adjust and more photo edit features are available after shooting.
  • Different Frames
  • Resize photo with new frames (16:9/4:3/1:1) while shooting. More parameters are available when device supports. Find them by sliding from the right to the left on main shooting interface.
  • Faster and better Cloud Services
  • Safe and smart cloud album for photo store, manage, edit, share and more. Support auto synchronization under uploading settings of Camera360 Cloud. Photos can be browsed on different end devices.
  • Photo Share
  • Photo can be shared to the world via Camera360 easily through such various social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, WeChat and more.

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Older Versions


Added on July 28, 2012


  • Optimize in-app gallery UI.
  • Optimize zoom function on certain model of phones.
  • Optimize Sina share function.
  • Optimize Share function of Jiepang.
  • Unify UI style in “Settings”.
  • Fix a bug that photo taken by Camera360 cannot be localized on map and browser.
  • Fix a bug that Camera360 will be force closed during photo-saving after incoming call or screen lock coincidence with effect processing.


Added on August 24, 2012


  • Other galleries are available to browse, edit and share besides Camera360 gallery.
  • Photo scaling is supported in photo browsing.
  • UI logic optimization.
  • Share function optimization.


Added on September 7, 2012


  • Other galleries are available to browse, edit and share besides Camera360 gallery.
  • Photo scaling is supported in photo browsing.
  • UI logic optimization.
  • Share function optimization.
  • Fix a bug in “User Guides Online”


Added on September 22, 2012


  • Camera360 Cloud can be registered now without invitation code.
  • Optimize welcome page.
  • Further optimize scanning that supports more models of cellphones.
  • Photo storage in external SD directory is supported.
  • Fix a bug in the effect “Huge Head”.


Added on October 8, 2012


  • Optimize UI and function in Share module
  • Optimize Camera360 Cloud sync efficiency.


Added on October 30, 2012


  • Optimize Cloud Service.


Added on November 5, 2012


  • Optimize Camera360 Cloud service.


Added on December 6, 2012


  • Brand-new effect: 2012.(UFO,E.T and Lightening)
  • 2.New share access to Weibo: SSO.
  • 3.Better efficiency of uploading photos to Cloud360.
  • 4.Fast connecting to Camera360 Cloud using PCS.


  • V3.9 is for Android 2.2 and up.
  • Front camera is for Android 2.2 and up.


Added on April 11, 2013


  • Added 6 shooting modes makes photography easier (Effects, Self-shoot, Fast-shoot, Funny, Tilt-shift, Color-shift, color-shift.);
  • Multi-effects is available to make photo more creative;
  • New Scenes to decorate photo make photography more interesting;
  • Safe, tight and lifelong Cloud Service of Camera360 Cloud;
  • Brand New UI and Landscape mode is supported;
  • Speed up starting and shooting. It is easier to catch each wonderful moment.


Added on May 14, 2013


  • You can Puzzle photos now.
  • Direction Revise is available. (Please check it in ‘camera settings-advanced settings’)
  • Faster and more stable.
  • Small bugs fixed especially the black screen bug on certain Samsung devices.


Added on June 17, 2013


  • Audio camera is available to make photo songful.


Added on July 9, 2013


  • Share feature is optimized;
  • Better overall performance;
  • Some small bugs are fixed;


Added on August 11, 2013


  •  Brand new Cloud Album is accessible on end devices.
  • Photos in cloud album can be browsed on end devices like phone, iPad, PC, and Smart TV.
  • Batch share/photo wall share is available in Camera360 Cloud.


Added on September 13, 2013


  • Live Effects is available.
  • Optimized share feature.


Added on October 15, 2013


  • Fill-in Light feature is newly added to self-shoot mode to make better portrait photos.
  • New shooting mode for Sony Lens-style camera is available.


Added on October 24, 2013


  • Interesting Halloween Effect is available in Effects shooting mode.
  • Some minor bugs are fixed and support for Sony Lens-styled camera is optimized.


Added on December 30, 2013


  • “Easy camera” is newly added (Replace past “Fast-shoot” shooting mode).
  • Photo browse in Album is faster.


Added on February 27, 2014


  • Too many cameras in Camera360? Too many Effects in Camera360? No worry at all in v5.0. Camera and Effect work as plug-ins for Camera360. Here you can add and manage preferred camera and effect as you wish. Customize your own Camera360 now!
  • Brand new UI in flat design. Camera360 is more neat, well-arranged, fashionable, and cool. Join us now!


Added on March 7, 2014


  • 13 new effects in Loft and FilmFlex are added.
  • Fix bug that camera360 crashes when using HDR.
  • Fix bug that photos taken by Camera360 is blurry.


Added on March 20, 2014


  • Added new effect ‘Magic Sky’
  • Optimized user experience of Albums
  • Effect Camera can’t be uninstalled (how could I selfie without Effect Camera!?)
  • Fixed bug that Camera360 is not compitable with some phone like Samsung Galaxy Y, and so on;
  • Fixed some other minor bugs and improved stability.


Added on April 12, 2014


  • Crop, Rotate, Blur, Texture, and more photo edit features are available after shooting.
  • New Frames (16:9/4:3/1:1) while shooting.
  • More parameters (ISO, White Balance and so on) are available when device supports. Sliding from the right to the left on main shooting interface you could find these parameters.
  • Fix bug that photo resolution decreases after edit.


Added on May 4, 2014


  • What is new in Camera360 for Android v5.1?
  •  Video shooting (Beta) on-the-go, to record precious moments.
  •  Scan QR Code quickly and easily.
  •  Features optimized to bring better experience.


Added on June 25, 2014


  •  Brand new user center and email register is available for Camera360 cloud services finally.
  •  Brand new ID Photo Cam, starts making amazing ID photos.
  •  Fixed some minor bugs to be better and faster.


Added on July 23, 2014


  •  Faster and better Cloud Album.
  •  Quicker app launch, smoother and faster photo taking experience.
  •  More streamlined register / log-in process for Camera360 members; users can now register using individual emails.
  •  Instagram sharing enabled. Follow us on Instagram.


Added on August 27, 2014


  • New blazing fast Near Field Photo Transfer technology for instant free photo sharing.
  • Amazing “Starry Night” filters to help you paint your own night sky.
  • Updated “Light Color” filters for taking more fashionable portrait photos.


Added on September 27, 2014


What’s new in Camera360
  • Return of the Sony Lens-style Camera!
  • Overall optimization and bug fixed.


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