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Photo Grid-Collage Maker

Latest Version: 4.821

Updated December 10, 2014

What's New:

  • A whole new version with Christmas atmosphere;
  • The classical Home Interface came back;
  • Newly added video transition effects, named One Love;
  • Bugs fixed.

App Description

With PhotoGrid you can make your photos collection into amazing collage.#1 Collage app on Android, over 70 Million users like PhotoGrid.
Top1 in Photography over 11 Countries.
Top5 in Photography over 46 Countries.

Photo Grid’s simple interface and outstanding menu of pre-designed grids make it the best collage app on the market. – CNET

We love Photo Grid. It can work hand in hand with Instagram to quickly produce beautiful results… and its interface is so intuitive that anyone will be able to master it – PC Advisor

Best Instagram collage maker for Instagram to make grid pictures on Instagram.

Photo Grid offers five different collage types, and lets you pull in photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, and the highly dubious Google Image Search. -Make Use Of

PhotoGrid add video maker function which is more powerful than Flipagram.

Photo Grid is a free app with lots of options for creating collage, as well as Instagram video slideshow accompanied by music.

Photo Grid is free and makes sharing pics and collage easy.
Instantly and easily create collages, wallpaper and photo albums.
Edit pictures in our photo lab and share on Instagram and other places with Photo Grid.
This collage maker is incredibly easy to use, try it and see for yourself.
Video maker using images turns PhotoGrid into the best slideshow video maker.
100% free and fully loaded.

#1 photo sharing app for Instagram users. Default mode crops pics to a square. Makes great an amazing instacollage & instagram video for instagram


  • Create a professional collage instantly – incredibly easy
  • Variety of layouts for photo grids, wallpapers, photo walls, albums and collages
  • Shake to conveniently swap pics or manually select for precision
  • Editor allows you to move, swap, rotate, zoom, sketch, etc in the photo lab
  • Add text, emoticons and clip art to your photos and collage
  • Arrange your collages loosely or in a square (for Instagram), wide rectangle, tall rectangle or just use a single photo
  • Create video slideshow with music using the newly added “Video Slides”
  • Share via Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp,Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Blogger, Tumblr, Google Plus, email, etc

5/5 Stars – Android App Magazine
4/5 Stars – CNET
Top Free Photography Apps – Android Authority
5 Free Must Have Android Apps for Photographers – The Next Web

FAQ and answer

  • Cant Save or Share?
  • After you click save or share, did you see a msg below that says “Storage card space is insufficient”
  • thats the reason you cant save.
  • we only give this msg when your card space is less than 20M
  • please delete some files like video or music to make more space.

Instagram questions:

  • how to make photo in square, so i dont have to crop it.
  • Default mode is square now.
  • how to move the photo in grid
  • you can drag to move on mainpage now, no need goto edit and click moving button.
  • too small to upload to instagram?
  • please update your instagram to latest version

Dropbox questions:

  • Can’t login dropbox, meet ‘403 error’ or ‘certificate is invalid’.
  • Please check your phone time setting and make sure it is right.

Other FAQ

  • not all my photo loaded in photogrid
  • please check if these photo in system gallery, our album are sync with system gallery.
  • and you can add album photo manually by click setting button on the folder list page (up right)
  • How to edit? ( Move, Swap, Rotate, Zoom )
  • Please click “green pencil” icon besides save button on up right of main page.
  • Where do the collages go when u save them?
  • Saved in \sdcard\Photo Grid
  • How to send us debug log
  • Click setting on first page and select Email support

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Older Versions


Added on July 15, 2012


  • Stable version online bugs fixed.
  • Beta version round corners, removable border and seamless mode added.


Added on August 12, 2012


  • Keep the stable version and add new features into beta version.
  • Move picture by touch in collage in beta version.
  • Out of memory issue fixed in beta version.
  • Online bugs fixing.


Added on August 17, 2012


  • Yes! HD version is here for you now, thanks a lot for your patient and support.
  • This is a beta version, HD output only support Grid mode now, we will HD other modes(long wide free) in following version.
  • Support 320×240 device.


Added on September 2, 2012


  • Single mode support HD too.
  • High and Wide mode ups to 9 photos now!
  • Loading stuck at 60% fixed for some model.
  • Arabic language added, Thanks to Abdullah al-jaser.


Added on September 16, 2012


  • Urgent fix for Instagram sharing.
  • Set back Background color from gray to white when sharing to Instagram in single mode.


Added on September 22, 2012


  • Crash issue fixed during the photo selecting and editing.
  • UI improvement.
  • Android menu key support on grid page.


Added on October 21, 2012


  • Stays sharp after zoom in, in grid mode.
  • No more black or double white border on default frame after upload to instagram or facebook.
  • Hate shake to change? You can turn it off in setting now.
  • Support change saving path to external SD card on some device like Samsung S3.
  • Online bug fixing.


Added on October 29, 2012


  • Some devices blocked by popup new feature box, due to OK button is out of screen


Added on November 26, 2012


  • Text on Grid mode added.
  • Touch to move on zoom in/out edit page.
  • Zoom in bug fixed.
  • PNG alpha channel setting.
  • Online bug and crash fix.
  • Private policy added.


Added on December 2, 2012


  • Free can’t save issue fixed (on some devices)
  • Touch to move in edit mode like zoom and swap.
  • Some minor changes on text writing for better user experience.


Added on January 15, 2013


  • You can add “Stickers” in Free mode now.
  • Support new Devices like HTC butterfly.
  • New font added.
  • Online bug fixing.


Added on January 20, 2013


  • Shake to change background on free mode.
  • Fix online bugs.
  • Fix the false report from Mcafee.


Added on February 10, 2013


  • AVG antivirus false report issue fixed, photogrid is safe to use.
  • Valentine’s day stickers here!
  • Single mode retained GPS location information.
  • New layouts and font added.
  • Fix bugs.


Added on February 12, 2013


  • String cut off issue fixed.


Added on March 31, 2013


  • Android 1.6 crash issue fixed.
  • Run-time memory saving.


Added on May 6, 2013


  • Many fixes.


Added on May 13, 2013


  • Camera or whatsapp folder crash issue fixed
  • Set string in the picture as the title of email
  • Thai language translation improvement
  • Many other bugs fixed.


Added on May 23, 2013


  • Fix a bug which causes photo aligned to the left instead of middle.
  • 14 new layout added it grid mode.
  • Many fixes.
  • Some text bugs fixed.


Added on June 5, 2013


  • Bug fixed.


Added on June 30, 2013


  • HD up to 2048p supported, Please run HD test to see your device limits.
  • Add 6 ratios including 1:1, 3:4, 5:7, 2:3, 3:5, 16:9.
  • Multi-language switching supported.
  • Stickers supported in grid model
  • 79 HD backgrounds!
  • Lovely new icon.


Added on July 7, 2013


  • Improved the UI design style to comply with Google’s guideline.
  • Many bug fixed.
  • Add “Turkish” language, thanks “Oğuzhan ÇULHA”.


Added on July 25, 2013


  • WOW, Filters finally come to PhotoGrid now!
  • 18 great photo effects are ready for you in Single and Grid mode.
  • Bugs fixed.


Added on August 1, 2013


  • WOW, Filters finally come to PhotoGrid now!
  • 18 great photo effects are ready for you in Single and Grid mode.
  • Bugs fixed.


Added on September 24, 2013


  • Bug fixed of thumbnail loading.
  • Fixed the bug that Some devices may freeze during the saving.
  • Notification can be turn off in setting menu.
  • Many other bug fixed.


Added on October 10, 2013


  • Sharing photo from Gallery directly to PhotoGrid.
  • Search function added to Flickr online album.
  • Much improvement on Single mode.
  • Many bug fixes.


Added on October 15, 2013


  • Single mode roll back to the Instagram mode.
  • Adding buttons to move and zoom in edit banner.
  • Many bug fixes.


Added on October 30, 2013


  • New mode supported, Template, the first version 21 kinds of templates and will continue to add in following version.
  • Wide and high mode combined.
  • Photo blur bug fixed.
  • Many bug fixed.


Added on October 31, 2013


  • Improvement on Template mode.
  • Bug fixes.


Added on November 6, 2013


  • Some UI improvement for better user experience.
  • Bugs fixed for template.
  • Bug fixed for drain battery.


Added on November 25, 2013


  • 12 new templates added!
  • You can edit the text in the template.
  • Watermark supported in text writing part.
  • Online font for Asian country.
  • Hold and drag to swap photo in grid mode.
  • Quick preview after saving.


Added on November 27, 2013


  • Online bugs fixed.


Added on January 12, 2014


  • Allowed switching freely among Grid, Free, Single, Filmstrip and Template.
  • Added real-time weather information templates.
  • Stickers loading faster.
  • Added photo sharing Cpanel suporting cancel and refresh the list of photo you are uploading.
  • Font supported cloud updating and downloading.
  • Bug fixed.
  • Two new added permissions:
    * Added ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permission for real-time weather information templates;
    * Added GET_TASKS permission for bugs gathering and fixing.


Added on February 17, 2014


  • Support big thumbnails preview when select pics;
  • Add a new sticker package plugin;
  • Fixed Facebook sharing bug;
  • Bugs fixed.


Added on March 4, 2014


  • Added Video on the main page, which can collage photos, add music, and output into video.
  • Supported adding and removing pictures during photo editing process.
  • fixed bugs.


Added on March 11, 2014


  • Added Video on the main page, which can collage photos, add music, and output into video.
  • Supported adding and removing pictures during photo editing process.
  • Support Telegram sharing;
  • fixed bugs;
  • Video contest event.


Added on April 1, 2014


  • Music fade in and out at the end part of the Video;
  • Video synchronizing with music along with scroll bar;
  • Added default music;
  • Tips for devices not support Video function;
  • Privacy policy updated;
  • Fixed bugs.


Added on April 7, 2014


  • Fix online bugs.


Added on May 8, 2014


  •  Watermark(PhotoGrid) of Video Slides has been removed from works you created.
  •  Added HOME back button on sharing page.
  •  Added a quick entry to create another artwork on sharing page.
  •  Facebook sharing has been optimized.
  •  Video saving processing has been optimized.
  •  Bugs fixed.


Added on May 27, 2014


  •  Added transition effect to video slides.
  •  Added camera in image choosing page, allowing add photos by taking picture via camera.
  •  Simplified image choosing process by adding photos’ folder lists.
  •  Tap the image you chosen to delete photo directly.
  •  Better pics & video saving experience.
  •  Optimized hint for music copyright.
  •  Bugs fixed.


Added on May 29, 2014


  •  Image selecting page optimizing.
  •  Video resolution has a significant improve.
  •  Fixed bugs.


Added on June 5, 2014


  •  Supported making collage with more than 9 photos but less than 15 photos.
  •  Limitless layouts for collages with above two photos.
  •  Allow customize background image of Free HD with your own photos.
  •  More than ten templates and 3 sticker packages has been released.
  •  Removed white border of image in Free HD.
  •  Image selecting optimization.
  •  Sticker selecting optimization.


Added on June 29, 2014


  •  Fixed the bug of “back to home page” when selecting photos;
  •  Fixed the bug of insufficient memory when save image or slideshow.
  •  Added two sticker packages.


Added on July 21, 2014


  •  Available to remove ads by upgrading to a premium account.
  •  Allow customize watermark on video slides you created.
  •  Allow switch to video from Grid and other module.
  •  Add “Fit in & Fit out” to adjust pictures to fit the height and width of layout frame.
  •  Automatically measure and straighten your pics when make a collage in Free HD.
  •  Bugs Fixed.


Added on August 28, 2014


  • Drawing feature is available now when editing photos;
  • Allow adjust layout by moving dots and lines in Grid HD;
  • Related topics has been added to certain topics in Explore;
  • Allow like and follow others in Explore;
  • Added 5 transition effects to Video Slides;


Added on October 13, 2014


  • New home screen;
  • Allow Insta-shot & Share from home screen;
  • Add some special and funny layouts;
  • Newly added 21 fantastic filter effects which have been sorted into 5 groups with primary ones;
  • Better text editing experience: what you see is what you get;
  • Easy to switch photo ratio from Original to Instagram(Square);
  • Easier to replace image in Single HD Editing;
  • Bugs fixed.


Added on October 15, 2014


  • Fixed the text editing bugs.


Added on October 22, 2014


  • Fixed the text editing bugs.


Added on October 24, 2014


  • A whole new version with Halloween atmosphere;
  • Released Halloween Stickers, Templates, and Spooky Filters;
  • Better user experience of editing navigation buttons;
  • New & Better new user guide;
  • Bugs Fix.


Added on November 14, 2014


  • Beauty Retouch features have being added makes Single HD the powerful portrait & selfie photo editor;
  • With the retouch features you can smooth and whiten skin, remove blemishes;
  • Cool shape masks have been added to Single HD layout;
  • Allow re-edit Grid & Scrapbook while app crash;
  • Bugs fixed.


Added on November 24, 2014


  • A whole new version with Thanksgiving atmosphere;
  • Released Thanksgiving Stickers and Templates;
  • Auto-retouch features have being added;
  • Get more like from Instagram by adding the popular tags to your Instagram posts;
  • Allow pick templates directly from Layout list;
  • Bugs fixed.


Added on November 28, 2014


  • Bugs fixed.


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