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Latest Version: Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.66


What's New:

  • New launcher icon. Widget icons can now have multi-line text labels. Improved Russian localization. TEA can now be used to display other application’s terminal sessions. See ITerminal.aidl in the source tree.

App Description

Access your Android’s built-in Linux command line shell. Unleash your inner geek!


  • Full Linux terminal emulation.
  • Multiple windows.
  • Launcher short cuts.
  • UTF-8 text. (Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, etc.)
  • Completely free. No ads, no in-app-purchases, no nag screens, nothing.

Quick FAQ:

  • If you are having trouble entering text, try installing the free “Hacker’s Keyboard IME”. (Especially if you have a Samsung or HTC device.)
  • This app isn’t a game emulator.
  • This app won’t help you root your phone or change your phone’s IMIE.
  • You need to know (or be willing to learn) how to use the Linux command line to use this app.
  • You may want to install a set of command line utilities like “Busy Box” or “Debian chroot” in order to add commands beyond the commands that come built into your Android device.

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Join the G+ community: #Android Terminal Emulator

Or check out the documentation wiki:

Want to add or improve a translation of Android Terminal Emulator? See for instructions.

Older Versions of Android Terminal Emulator

Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.45


  • 256-color mode
  • Setting window title via escape sequences.
  • Re-enabled bold & underline text.
  • Smoother fling scrolling.
  • Less sensitive side-to-side flipping between windows.
  • Added Intent Chooser support for “Email To” menu item.
  • Improved translations for Russian and Portugese.

Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.48


  • New features: Spanish translation
  • Bug fixes: Alt Key should work again for typing characters on phones with physical keyboards.

Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.49

Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.52


New icon designed by Nathanel Titane,, TNDesigns

Cursor now shows toggle state of ctrl/shift/alt/Fn keys.
Combining accents now work on physical keyboards.
Added partial translations for
+ nb nl pl pt-rPT sk sv zh-rTW
Improved Japanese translation. Thanks monaka!

Bug fixes:
+ Fixed large text paste ANR (Issue #198).
+ Function keys F1 to F4 now send correct escape sequences for all TERM types.
+ External Hardware keyboard Ctrl and Fn key processing improved.

Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.53


  •  New Solarized Light / Dark color schemes.
  •  Automatically sets a HOME directory, can be manually overridden in Preferences.
  •  Preference to lock rotation to landscape or portrait.
  •  Experimental support for android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER.
  • (Only works if you install a compatible super-user application such as ClockworkMod Superuser.)
  •  A new Korean translation.
  •  Updated French, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian translations.

Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.54


  •  Tap on a URL to open it in a browser.
  •  New xterm terminal emulator mode.
  •  Alternate screen buffer supported
  •  ECMA-48 Status Report
  •  Fixed 16-color blink attribute emulation.
  •  Optional keyboard shortcuts:
  • Control-Shift-N: New Window
  • Control-Tab: Cycle through windows
  • Control-Shift-V: Paste
  •  Improved translations for many languages.

Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.60


  •  a “Term” widget lets you create launcher icons to run favorite commands. Long-press on desktop, tap on Widgets, tap on Term, fill out dialog box.
  •  a “Term Here” intent lets you open Android Terminal Emulator at a given directory. Works with third-party file managers. Select “Term Here” in the file manager’s “share” menu for a directory.
  •  auto-linkification now requires a “http://” or “https://” at the front of a link.
  •  Improved French translation.

Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.61


  •  Term Shortcut dialog now uses Holo theme if available.
  •  Term Shortcut dialog no longer crashes on very old (cupcake) versions of Android.
  •  Improved Hungarian, Slovak, Spanish translations.

Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.62

Added on 19700101


  • Small improvements and bug fixes.
  • The Term shortcut dialog box now has its own file picker in case you don’t have a third-party file manager installed.
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixed crash when tapping on the last character of a hyperlink and the link was the last text in a line.
  • Improved handling of multibyte characters.
  • Updated Hungarian translation.

Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.63

Added on December 14, 2014


  • Small improvements and bug fixes.
  • Built with Android Studio 1.0 / NDK r10d
  • Added Serbian translation.
  • Updated Slovak translation.

Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.64

Added on January 25, 2015


  • Partial fix for a security issue.
  • Unfortunately this fix disables “Term short cut widgets”. Hopefully we will get them working again in a future release.
  • Technical details:


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