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We've just added this app in our repo. Unfortunately there's no older version of this app yet. If you're the developer of this app and you want to share the previous versions, please contact us.


  1. eddie

    Well i installed it without any problems on my cheap brand $80 Android tablet.i just hope it works

  2. Ketich Mirchev

    I have an American Samsung Galaxy Vibrant with the English language.
    Some time ago I downloaded Skype from üttülğ Plei but eventually delete it.
    Now I’m trying to remove the sd again and I wrote it in the phone.
    By Market apps I wrote that it was not suitable for my phone.
    Help me to have it skype phone

    Best regards

  3. kate

    i have a cheap crypto tablet download. i have downloaded the external mirror 1 from the latest version but i cant hear nothink or have a video call. can you help me please?

  4. John - Samsung Galaxy S 4G

    Yay now I don’t have to use that 4.0 Skype version because the mic isn’t detecting and allot og compatibility issues thanks to this site I can return to a downgraded version that work btw when you download and install this turn of automatic update on google play store or it will just update it again

  5. Christof

    The new version looks terrible. You can’t close it, just logoff… what a bunch of crap!


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