• Developer:
  • cyanN.mobi
  • Size:
  • 239 KB
  • Version:
  • 1.16
  • Updated:
  • Apr 5, 2012
  • Requirement:
  • 2.2 and up

NSTools 1.16

What's New

  • selective liveoc
  • fast charge toggle
  • add init.d script option

The permission read contacts is used for detect missed call. You can check the source code on my github to make sure this app don’t read/send your contacts data.

NSTools need superuser (a.k.a root) and also custom kernel with Ezekeel’s mod.

Currently works on:

  • Nexus S (kernel: GLaDOS, Matr1x, franco, SG-kernel, Eugene, Trinity, Netarchy, Lucid, Air, Lynx, etc.)
  • Galaxy S (kernel: Glitch v14)

With NSTools you can easily manage these tweaks:

  • BLD
  • BLN
  • BLX
  • CPU Governor
  • Custom Voltage
  • Deepidle
  • Liveoc
  • Max/min scaling frequencies
  • Touchwake
  • CMLed
  • IO Scheduler
  • Fast charge toggle

Your settings will stick on reboot, don’t need to edit init scripts.

If something bad happened and you want to reset NSTools settings, visit my thread on XDA to get reset_nstools.zip

Please don’t report/complain bug on comments, because I can’t reply your comments. Send me an email or visit NSTools thread on XDA

source http://github.com/arifhn/NSTools

Thanks to Ezekeel for all his mod and all great people in XDA forum

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