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We've just added this app in our repo. Unfortunately there's no older version of this app yet. If you're the developer of this app and you want to share the previous versions, please contact us.


  1. Rosemary

    I love this game, Bubble Shoot 2.5 by Runner games and I cannot download it on my phone, Virgin Mobile Android, help PLEASE!

    • Android Drawer Team

      Hi Rosemary,

      We’re here to help. Why can’t you download it? Is there any error message when you’re downloading the apk?

      • anu

        I use “samsung galaxy y” and i m a great fan of this game but cant download bcoz of an error msg “download failed” please helpme with this problem asap.

      • jasonalvin38

        Hello there! What version do you have some problems with? Maybe it’s an internet connection problem? I tried every version and they are all working properly.

  2. Adrienne

    Hi, I upgraded from Samsung Galaxy 2 to Galaxy 3 4g and cannot find bubble shoot in the App store. Runner Games do have Bubble Shooter, but it is very ‘childish’ something my 2 year old has mastered! Help, where can I get it? Thanks

  3. lea

    i can no longer find on google play, was on my phone till i lost it, want it on my new phone.can see it in my google account history but says oops if i click on it, carnt be found ????

  4. Ray

    tried to download this from your link above, but it doesn’t work anymore. Says too congested or not available. Shame – i really liked this game, and it’s not possible to get ony SG3 anymore… (had it, but had to factory reset it…)

  5. R. Rommel

    Does anyone know how to save the savegames or highscores of Bubble Shoot? Where is/are the files located? Android is an open system so many times I change the operating system (AOPK, CM etc.) but then you need to re-install Bubble Shoot and thus the scores are gone too …


  6. JJ

    Thanks for this game! It’s the only bubble shooter game that I can stand to play, because the rest of them are too bulky or ugly – and I’ve tried them all.

    For the record, I downloaded this game to my desktop and emailed it to myself. Opened the email on the phone to install. It worked for me, maybe this info will help someone else!

  7. Shirley Iodice

    I love this game.mi am getting an iPhone and it is not available. Anything else similar? The ones I have tried are too bulky and slow. Any suggestions?


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