• Developer:
  • Jack Palevich
  • Size:
  • 307 KB
  • Version:
  • 1.0.45
  • Updated:
  • September 10, 2012
  • Requirement:
  • 1.5 and up

Android Terminal Emulator 1.0.45

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What's New

  • 256-color mode
  • Setting window title via escape sequences.
  • Re-enabled bold & underline text.
  • Smoother fling scrolling.
  • Less sensitive side-to-side flipping between windows.
  • Added Intent Chooser support for "Email To" menu item.
  • Improved translations for Russian and Portugese.

Access your Android’s built-in Linux command line shell. Unleash your inner geek!

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Android Terminal Emulator is an open source project. Well written patches to fix bugs or add new features are welcome!

Quick FAQ:

  • This isn’t a game emulator.
  • This won’t help you root your phone or change your phone’s IMIE.
  • You need to know (or be willing to learn) how to use Linux command line to use this program.
  • You may want to install the free “Hacker’s Keyboard IME” to get the most out of this program.
  • You may want to install a set of command line utilities like “Busy Box” in order to get the most out of this program.

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