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Latest Version: Dolphin Browser for Android 11.4.9.apk


What's New:

  • [Add] Now Dolphin supports Android 5.1
  • [Add] Double tap on tab bar to close tabs
  • [Add] Flash game mode – you can drag props in flash game by turning it on
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed crash issues for Lollipop and Lollipop update on Samsung devices
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed connection issues with Dolphin Connect Google account sign-in
  • [Improve] Optimized weather module and added option to enable/disable it
  • [Improve] Remember password when sign in Dolphin Connect with Dolphin account

What is Dolphin Browser for Android?

Dolphin for Android makes mobile browsing easy, surfing the web with a personalized home screen, voice and gesture control.

  • #1 Mobile Web Browser on Android Market
  • Over 100,000,000 downloads on Android and iOS

With lightning fast speed, Dolphin for Android provides you the best experience to browse and search the web. Download Dolphin Android Browser for free to surf the web with exclusive features of your very own mobile browser.

From Users

“Best browser for an Android phone: This browser offers a fast, smooth web browsing. I recommend this browser for all!” – Aziz Al-Haji

“Far better than Chrome: This is the best browser I’ve had to date, for more stable than Chrome and Firefox and with many more features too. Frequent updates tend to fix issues as opposed to Google Chrome updates.” – Omar Davis

In the Press

Dolphin Browser’s Gestures and sidebars make web surfing fast, intuitive and fun while on the go. – USA Today

“…it’s a great, simple browser that feels more at home on a touchscreen device than pretty much anything else you’ll try.” – Lifehacker


  • Gesture – Access the web by creating a personal Gesture (symbol) to you use the most.
  • Sonar – Dolphin for Android listens and lets you use your voice to search, share on your favorite social networks, bookmark favorite website and navigate.
  • One-tap Share – Tweet, Post to Facebook, grab any content and share them, or save it directly to Evernote or Box.
  • Tabbed browsing – No need to toggle between screens, tabbed browsing lets you browse as if you are on desktop.
  • Add-on – Beef up your mobile Internet browser experience by installing the Add-ons for the tasks you need at your fingertips. With more than 60 and counting, Dolphin Add-ons enables any action to be done right within the mobile browser. You can check out the Add-on features with 3 preloaded on your right Sidebar.
  • Dolphin Connect – Sync history, bookmarks, passwords and open tabs easily across Android, iPhone, iPad and desktop browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Home Screen – Add most visited websites as speed dials to your home screen. And organized them easily with one touch access.
  • Theme – Customize theme colors, wallpapers and skins to make Dolphin your own
  • Web App Store – The all-new Dolphin web app store offers access to the most popular web sites so you never have to leave the browser. Choose from over 200 web apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Amazon and more.
  • Send to device: Send links, maps, phone numbers, & more from your desktop to your phone and vice versa with Dolphin for Android’s Chrome, Firefox and Safari extensions.**
  • WiFi Broadcast – Share links with friends nearby on your wifi network.

Note: For Android 4.3 & 4.4 devices, Dolphin Jetpack is now included within Dolphin Browser for Android. Users could manually uninstall previously installed Dolphin Jetpack.

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Some additional features that you can add to your Dolphin for Android by installing add-ons:

  • Web to PDF
  • Dolphin screen cut
  • Browser Faster for Dolphin
  • Dolphin Translate
  • Dolphin Reader
  • Dolphin Battery Saver
  • Bookmarks Widget
  • Dolphin Brightness
  • Dolphin Tab Reload
  • Dolphin Show IP
  • Dolphin Ultimate Flag
  • Dolphin: Pocket Add-on
  • Dolphin Whols
  • Dolphin: Dropbox Add-on
  • Dolphin Alexa Rank
  • Xmarks for Dolphin

Older APK Versions of Dolphin Browser for Android

Dolphin Browser for Android 8.1.1 APK Download

Added on May 19, 2012


  • Fixed problem that Stay in the Loop page cannot be skipped in Portuguese

Dolphin Browser for Android 8.2.1 APK Download

Added on June 9, 2012


  • Issues with tab actions causing the browser crash in some occasions sometimes creating a new gesture causes the browser crash

Dolphin Browser for Android 8.2.2 APK Download


  • Various stability and performance improvement
  • Issues with tab actions causing the browser crash in some occasions
  • Sometimes creating a new gesture causes the browser crash

Dolphin Browser for Android 8.5.0 APK Download

Dolphin Browser for Android 8.5.1 APK Download

Added on June 28, 2012


  • Fixed “Package file is invalid” issue. Please clear cache of Google Play before installing the new update.
  • Fixed constant crashing issue on all devices.
  • Dolphin Garage: support add-ons and PhoneGap web apps developed by 3rd party developers by giving them access to 150 Dolphin internal APIs
  • Support 4 new Add-ons: Dropbox / Pocket/ Evernote/ PhoneGap Add-on
  • Support Wikipedia web app: open 20 million Wiki articles in 280 languages, without needing to install a native app

Dolphin Browser for Android 8.6.0 APK Download


  • Tab sync: Take that article on the go, from your tablet to your phone
  • History sync: Quickly dig up that amazing quote from the article you read yesterday.
  • Pinch Zoom: multi touch to zoom in/out webpages on Android v4.1 devices
  • Flash: better support for playing flash in fullscreen on Android 4.0.* devices
  • Various stability and performance improvement

Notice: Since Flash Player is not compatible with Jelly Bean, flash won’t be available for Dolphin on Android v4.1 devices.

Dolphin Browser for Android 8.6.1 APK Download

Added on July 19, 2012


  • Fix crash issue after upgrading
  • Fix clearing history issue

Dolphin Browser for Android 8.7.0 APK Download

Added on August 3, 2012


  • Even easier: Dolphin Browser HD is now Dolphin Browser
  • Bookmarks Deletion: Easier visual way to edit bookmarks
  • Dolphin Sonar: Easier access with a shortcut from homescreen
  • Dolphin Connect: Faster and more stable sync
  • Address bar: Clearer design for bookmarked URLs and typing search items
  • Keyboard: Keyboard entry for address bar in landscape view optimized on certain devices
  • Various stability and performance improvement.

Dolphin Browser for Android 8.8.1 APK Download

Added on September 11, 2012


  • Splash Screen: Removed for faster loading.
  • Various bug and stability fixes.
  • Fix the freeze issue on startup for some devices.
  • Fix the context menu not accessible on some devices

Dolphin Browser for Android 8.8.2 APK Download

Added on September 24, 2012


  • Bug fix:
    – Fixed failing to download issue on certain websites
    – Fixed crash and freeze issues on certain devices
  • Various stability and performance improvements

Dolphin Browser for Android 9.0.0 APK Download

Added on October 11, 2012


  • Dolphin Jetpack Compatibility: The only Dolphin Browser to work Jetpack Add-on. Download it now to get the fastest web game and app experience.
  • Network Diagnosis: Dolphin will now help you solve your network connection issues
  • Night Mode: Easily dim your screen to lower brightness level when browsing at night
  • Dolphin Connect: Option to sync your data only when connected to Wifi
  • Dolphin Sonar: Even easier and user friendly
  • Various stability and performance improvements

Dolphin Browser for Android 9.0.1 APK Download

Added on October 24, 2012


  • Fixed Google image cannot download issue
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Dolphin Browser for Android 9.0.2 APK Download

Added on November 16, 2012


  • If you can’t use Dolphin in Android 4.2, please update your Jetpack or uninstall it.
  • Speed: Dolphin launches faster
  • Private Mode: Enhanced features to surf the web without leaving a trace
  • PDFs: Download PDF files directly in Dolphin
  • Various stability and performance improvements

Dolphin Browser for Android 9.0.3 APK Download

Added on November 20, 2012


  • Flash: Flash video optimized for HTC devices
  • Address bar: Improved support while typing in address bar
  • Various stability and performance improvements

Dolphin Browser for Android 9.1.0 APK Download

Added on December 20, 2012


  • Improved launching speed so that you can open Dolphin faster
  • Even faster loading: Dolphin predicts what you want next and opens it so you can access it fast (available only on wifi)
  • Improved compatibility with Jetpack
  • Improved Tab and Address Bar: Optimized for all Android tablets
  • Favicon now shows for all sites
  • Various stability and performance improvements

Dolphin Browser for Android 9.2.0 APK Download

Added on January 17, 2013


  • One-tap Share: Tweet or post in Facebook instantly
  • Remember Everything: Clip web content and save directly to Evernote (Beta) or Box
  • Dolphin Connect:
    – Chrome/Firefox/Safari extensions:Dolphin now has desktop extensions
    – Send to Device: Use Dolphin extensions to send tabs, images, text and directions between desktop and mobile
    – Sync: Bookmarks/tabs/history/passwords
  • Wifi Broadcast: Share a webpage with your friends instantly through the same Wifi

Dolphin Browser for Android 9.3.0 APK Download

Added on February 4, 2013


  • Improved Share feature: easier to navigate, and now supports landscape mode on tablets
  • Click “+” button in URL bar to add current page to Bookmarks or Speed Dial, or create a homescreen shortcut
  • Improved experience while editing bookmarks or downloading files
  • Open in background: fixed unresponsive issue
  • Keyboard: fixed the disappearing issue while typing on certain sites
  • Various stability and performance improvements

Dolphin Browser for Android 9.3.1 APK Download

Added on February 5, 2013


  • Send to Device: Fixed the failing to send problem when use it for the first time
  • Various stability and performance improvements

Dolphin Browser for Android 9.3.2 APK Download

Added on March 28, 2013


  • Facebook/Evernote/Box sharing improvement.
  • Stability optimization of Dolphin Connect.
  • Many bug fixes.

Dolphin Browser for Android 9.4.1 APK Download

Added on April 26, 2013


  • New sharing experience that’s quicker and easier to use.
  • Fixed crashes associated with webpage sign-up and login.
  • Fixed bug associated with Twitter and Facebook share.
  • Improved stability.

Dolphin Browser for Android 9.4.2 APK Download

Added on June 3, 2013


  • Better support Dolphin Jetpack 3.0 (an improved webkit version which can be found on Google Play)
  • Now supports additional search engine options (Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo JP) for different countries.
  • Improved stability
  • About Dolphin Jetpack 3.0
    1.Fix crash bug, improve stability, decrease APK size
    2.Speeds up web page load time
    3.Automatically enlarges main content of an article or a blog
    4.Fix freezing and poor scrolling in some devices
  • fixed Yandex search error

Dolphin Browser for Android 10.0.0 APK Download

Added on June 20, 2013


  • New UI design
  • Web App Store: Easily add popular web apps to your home screen
  • Home screen now supports drag & drop grouping of speed dials into folders, with 60+ speed dial slots
  • Dolphin key: single swipe access to browser menu, tab list or Gesture/Sonar
  • Search directly within Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia, eBay, Youtube, Twitter or Facebook from URL bar
  • Flash support can be re-enabled in settings
  • Themes & Night Mode have been updated for v10. Install the updated versions from Google Play

Dolphin Browser for Android 10.0.1 APK Download

Added on July 23, 2013


  • Fixes crash issue and improves stability
  • Speed improvements
  • You can now hide most visited folder more easily
  • Other bug fixes and user experience improvements

Dolphin Browser for Android 10.0.3 APK Download

Added on August 29, 2013


  • Clear Most Visited folder data while you clear history
  • Improved support for reporting issues: send email with crash log/ANR log to Dolphin customer service
  • Popup menu interaction optimized: the popup menu will disappear when the user taps the tab area
  • Optimization of User Agent settings: When setting UA to custom, the custom User Agent can’t be empty
  • Improved stability of share page to devices service
  • Implemented fixes for a multitude of bugs and stability improvements

Dolphin Browser for Android 10.0.4 APK Download

Added on September 16, 2013


  • 21 languages
  • Tab list animation optimization
  • Dolphin Home edit support
  • Stability improvement – Cache to SD, Crash bugs
  • Fixed a critical bug

Dolphin Browser for Android 10.1.0 APK Download

Added on September 26, 2013


  • Customize theme colors and wallpapers to make Dolphin your own
  • Desktop/Mobile toggle Add-on
  • Language Selector
  • Some UI bug fixes

Dolphin Browser for Android 10.1.2 APK Download

Added on November 16, 2013


  • SPEED UP Launch Performance
  • Night Mode is BACK! (It is an add-on “Night mode for Dolphin Browser”)
  • New: Change SKIN to make Dolphin your own
  • New: Master Password. Allows you to have a more secured option to save passwords
  • Fix the pinch zoom compatibility issue on Android 4.4 kitkat
  • Fix Downloads to external SDCard
  • Fix some bugs related to localization
  • Optimize the user experience of Dolphin Key
  • Removed Sync Passwords feature

Dolphin Browser for Android 10.2.2 APK Download

Added on January 7, 2014


  • [Improve] Faster launch experience on some devices
  • [Improve] Code optimization to save your battery
  • [Improve] Video playing optimization under full screen for Android 4.1+
  • [Bug fix] Search suggestion not working on some devices
  • [Bug fix] Save link function failed on some devices
  • [Bug fix] Various crash bug fix

Dolphin Browser for Android 10.2.4 APK Download

Added on January 26, 2014


  • [Optimize] Overall browsing stability
  • [Bug fix] Password auto-fill not working on some certain devices
  • [Bug fix] Progress bar missing in some special cases
  • [Bug fix] Dolphin Connect sync and log in failure
  • [Update] Dolphin Connect Firefox add-on
  • [Update] Multi-language translation for “Send feedback” program

Dolphin Browser for Android 10.2.5 APK Download

Added on February 17, 2014


  • What’s New
  • [Bug fix] Download save to SD card insufficient permission issue on special devices
  • [Bug fix] Downloaded file name display errors on some websites
  • [Bug fix] Download complete notification reappears after removal
  • [Bug fix] Keyboard pop-out problem when creating new folder in bookmarks
  • [Crash fix] Crash when restart after changing language
  • [Improve] FAQ page update
  • [Improve] Multi-language translation for “Other critical issues”

Dolphin Browser for Android 10.2.7 APK Download

Added on March 6, 2014


  • [Improve] Stability of Dolphin Connect sync and push services
  • [New] Option to search in Dolphin when using system search, e.g., Google Now
  • [Bug fix] Cancel button display issue when crash
  • [Bug fix] Language support for Rate Me
  • [Bug fix] Response issue with send feedback feature

Dolphin Browser for Android 10.2.8 APK Download

Added on March 16, 2014


  • [Improve] Night mode user experience
  • [Improve] Stability of Dolphin services, e.g., tab push, sync bookmarks
  • [Bug fix] Incorrect order of bookmarks after sync
  • [Bug fix] Duplicate bookmarks and folders when syncing Chrome bookmarks

Dolphin Browser for Android 10.3.0 APK Download

Added on March 26, 2014


  •  Fixed page reloading issue when switch between tabs
  •  High resolution Dolphin icon on homescreen
  •  Better full-screen experience when playing HTML 5 videos
  •  Better input experience under Desktop & Mobile mode
  •  Text resize
[Bug fix]
  •  Page rendering issue in Kannada font
  •  Blank page issue in some sites
  •  Fixed the Security Warning issue in some sites
  •  Going back to previous page didn’t work when playing video
  •  Various crash fixes

Dolphin Browser for Android 11.0.0 APK Download

Added on April 15, 2014


  • Dolphin Jetpack 6.1.0 integration on Android 4.3 and 4.4 devices
  • Better flash playing experience; How to play flash in Dolphin
  • Better fullscreen experience for HTML5 videos
  • Auto-fit web content when pinch to zoom under desktop mode
  • Check out more features provided by 3rd party developers at

Dolphin Browser for Android 11.2.3 APK Download

Added on September 12, 2014


  • [Add] Search engine option to Settings->Customize
  • [Add] Support to multiple-thread downloads
  • [Improve] Add Right-To-Left support to more interfaces
  • [Bug fix] Cannot input words on search box on some devices
  • [Bug fix] Emoticons do not show when posting on Facebook
  • [Bug fix] Cannot choose file to upload on some sites
  • [Bug fix] Incorrect naming when downloading files
  • [Bug fix] Fixed crash issue related to latest Facebook Beta

Dolphin Browser for Android 11.2.6 APK Download

Added on October 16, 2014


  • [Bug fix] Download failure on some sites
  • [Bug fix] Cannot show password on Dolphin account register page
  • [Bug fix] Inconsistency of background colors under night mode
  • [Bug fix] Keeps playing music in background when using voice search
  • [Change] Default search engine in some areas with option to switch back
  • Other crash and bug fixes

Dolphin Browser for Android 11.3.0 APK Download

Added on November 26, 2014


  • [Add] Android 5.0 Support.
  • [Add] Settings -> Downloads: Set your preferences for downloads
  • [Add] Settings -> Customize -> Open in app: choose to open links in app or in Dolphin, e.g., G+, Google Maps
  • [Add] Security warning for websites using SSL 3.0 as underlying protocol
  • [Improve] UI of Downloads module
  • [Bug fix] Screen Cut Add-on
  • [Bug fix] Translation errors
  • Other crash and bug fixes

Dolphin Browser for Android 11.3.4 APK Download

Added on December 22, 2014


  • [Add] Flash support and enhanced browsing experience on Android 5.0
  • [Add] Merry Christmas! Check out gorgeous Christmas wallpapers in Theme.
  • [Add] Sync speed dials, add-ons, themes, settings and more via Dolphin Connect
  • [Add] Share pages between devices using NFC (permission “control Near Field Communication”)
  • [Add] Auto-clear app storage when device storage is not enough (permission “measure app storage space”)
  • [Improve] Gesture and sonar
  • [Improve] Auto-hide bottom bar when browsing webpages

Dolphin Browser for Android 11.4.2 APK Download

Added on February 27, 2015


  • [Improve] You can now set your preferred webpage text size under Settings → Web content
  • [Improve] You can now choose to play video in other apps
  • [Improve] Smoother animation for Menu
  • [Improve] Countdown timer tells you how much time left before download complete
  • [Improve] You will see a red dot on Themes when new themes become available
  • [Improve] Navigate faster by choosing paste and go on address bar
  • [Improve] New icon for Dolphin Browser has arrived!
  • Crash and bug fixes

Dolphin Browser for Android 11.4.3 APK Download

Added on March 16, 2015


  • [Bug fix] Major bug fixes for Android 5.1
  • [Improve] Support moving downloaded file to other folders
  • [Improve] You can clear all the History and Most Visited data in left-side bar
  • [Improve] You can choose to disable prompt when download files
  • Other crash and bug fixes


  1. Xi

    The installer of v11.2.3 is not compatible on some Android Gingerbread devices. The last stable version for Gingerbread devices is v11.2.1.

  2. Yumi Wakana.

    If you have a kindle fire HD (2012) or later year model, or the kindle fire HDX, download 11.0.0, because that’s the latest version (from here) that will work on those devices & that isn’t SHACKLED to the google play store. You should also try to find & download the “Jetpack” addon for this browser, but good luck with that, because the ONLY place that has it (that I know of) is the google play store.

  3. salatiel Nelson Machava

    I’m using kindle fire end i want dolphin browser download


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