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What's New:

  • Fixed some bugs.

What is GO SMS Pro?

GO SMS Pro – 75,000,000+ users’ choice, all time #1 messaging app to replace the stock! It comes with 200+ beautiful themes, 800+ emoji and stickers, free SMS & MMS, private box, auto-reply, scheduled message, dual sim support, and much more. Faster, safer, tons of features – messaging has never been so fun and efficient!

What our users say about our product

“Undoubtedly, Go SMS offers the best services and most advanced features among all the Android applications by far and totally deserves to bear the title as the best SMS app for Android.” – Techaron

“For a much better SMS/MMS experience on Android, check out GO SMS Pro. This free app has an elegant, customizable UI and a ton of SMS features including scheduling, folders organization, sending over Wi-Fi, and more—with very little memory usage too.” – Lifehacker

“GO SMS Pro isn’t your usual SMS replacement app, it takes the SMS experience to the next level. Everything from an endless amount of themes to an uncanny amount of customization make this app stand out from the rest.” – Androidmeter

Free Features

  • 200+ personalized themes (keep increasing)
  • Over 800 emoji including animated stickers for fun messaging
  • Private Box to better protect your privacy
  • Free sending message
  • Free multimedia message
  • SMS blocker to smartly block spam messages
  • Auto-reply
  • Automatic scheduled outgoing message
  • Dual Sim support for most of the devices

Pro Features

  • Advanced Private Box for Gesture Unlock, Entrance Hidden, Notification in Disguise
  • Free to enjoy all the Getjar paid themes (Regular price is $1.99 each)
  • Unlimited cloud storage space for message backup
  • Free multimedia messages up to 20M file size, Up to 30 days retention period
  • Support disabling sponsored messages


Q. How to get new themes?
A: 200+ themes can be downloaded from our Theme Store on left-side sidebar or you can search them on Google Play market.

Q. Unable to send MMS?
A: MMS problems may be caused by different factors, such as Android versions, networks connectivity, phone models, etc. If you ran into these issues, please email us with the detail info and we will try to fix it ASAP.

Q. If I send a message with those fun stickers, will my friend receive it and view it?
A: Yes, friends with/without GO SMS Pro will be able to receive the message and view correctly.

Q. I don’t really like the default font on the app, will I be able to change the font ?
A: Yes, it can find them in the theme store and change it on your own.

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Use of this app is governed by our Terms of Service: http://www.goforandroid.com/en/term-of-service.html
Privacy Policy: http://www.goforandroid.com/en/privacy-policy.html

Older APK Versions of GO SMS Pro

GO SMS Pro 4.52 APK Download


  • Improve speed of GO Share, Voice message, walkie talkie
  • Optimize SMS cloud backup & restore
  • Optimize icon SMS widget
  • Update Find Phone plugin, support using GO Chat to send command
  • Update Web GO Chat, support sending picture, file, doodle etc, webchat.goforandroid.com
  • Optimize the speed of loading GO Chat friends
  • Fix one bug related to SMS delivery report
  • Release two GetJar support themes

GO SMS Pro 4.53 APK Download


  • Add “send location” plug-in
  • Screen shot feature extend to support snapshot whole rooted phone
  • Optimize Cloud backup & restore
  • Add look around in GO Chat Find Friends
  • Optimize GO SMS icon widget
  • Upgrade new users wizard
  • Fix contacts and SMS mismatch issue of HTC ICS phones

GO SMS Pro 4.55 APK Download


  •  Restructure Theme Store
  • Restructure Application Center
  • Total compatible with Galaxy S3
  • Support local backup when Cloud backup is failed
  • Optimize GO Chat to support Mobile Number login better
  • GO Chat support Facebook register, login and binding
  • Update My Location plug-in
  • Fix some minor bugs
  • GO Share support sending non-compressed & big files (Premium feature)

GO SMS Pro 4.56 APK Download


  • Fix security lock issue in ICS
  • Fix number lock issue in JB(Android 4.1)
  • Fix ring choice, notification issues in JB
  • Add backup/restore MMS
  • Add sync Facebook contact photos
  • Add Premium Feature Pack (Find Phone, backup MMS/private box, sync Facebook contact photos, etc, will add more later) in application center
  • Add option to set default SMS program (in Settings->Basic)
  • Optimize My Location plug-in
  • Optimize Facebook binding with GO Chat

GO SMS Pro 4.60 APK Download


  • According to feedback, revert back to original notification style
  • New UI style(GO 2.0), GO 1.0 was separated as a theme APK
  • Add cloud messages management through web: webchat.goforandroid.com
  • Add Private Box premium features: gesture lock, hide access icon, etc
  • Add scheduler for local backup
  • Optimize user experience of GO Chat
  • Support Facebook friends auto-discovery when registering with Facebook account
  • Fix some bugs

GO SMS Pro 4.61 APK Download


  • Improve UI/UE of new GO 2.0 default theme
  • Optimize Private box pro feature
  • Optimize user experience of Premium feature pack
  • GO Chat sending speedup
  • Improve cloud messages management through web
  • Improve contact card
  • Support hiding keyboard by tapping blank space in conversation view
  • Fix some minor bugs

GO SMS Pro 4.62 APK Download


  • Continue improve UI/UE details of the new GO 2.0 default theme
  • Add In App Purchase and download support for themes
  • GO Chat support personalized QR Code
  • GO Chat friends’ searching support gender filter
  • Improve the Sync Facebook avatars feature
  • Improve the check update function
  • Optimize GO SMS settings’ UI
  • Other UI/UE improvement and bugs fix

GO SMS Pro 4.63 APK Download


  • Add backup SMS to Dropbox
  • Optimize the theme store to grid view
  • Optimize the UI in GO Chat
  • Optimize the contact input box in conversation view
  • Reduce integrated themes(they can be download separately)
  • Fix screenshot can’t shot again after sharing
  • Other UI/UE improvement and bugs fix

GO SMS Pro 4.65 APK Download


  • Added theme category in theme store
  • Supported to view GO Share video, audio through browser
  • Optimized the GO Chat login and profile UI
  • Optimized the record function of walkie-talkie
  • Optimized the notification for unread messages
  • Optimized the backup SMS to Dropbox feature
  • Fixed one download issue related to themes
  • Other UI/UE improvement and bugs fix

GO SMS Pro 4.69 APK Download


  • Added preview for personalized Popup theme
  • Added GOSMS store
  • Optimized menu
  • Optimized SMS Blocker, add block mode, more smart
  • Optimized plug-in update mechanism and folder performance in Application Center
  • Released one free Popup theme for GO SMS 2-year anniversary
  • Fixed cannot get location issue
  • Other UI/UE improvement and bugs fix

GO SMS Pro 4.73 APK Download


  • Add themes Monthly Pay service, with this service, you can download unlimited premium themes in one month and use forever
  • Optimize GO Popup theme
  • Optimize Facebook avata sync feature
  • Add group sms plugin,so that you can send more than 100 messages per hour
  • Add Easter egg and online SMS library for valentine’s day
  • Fix can’t apply theme issue when ‘Don’t keep activities’ developer options checked
  • Other UI/UE improvement and bugs fix

GO SMS Pro 4.75 APK Download


  • Add two series lovely stickers, find them at the bottom tab of conversation view
  • Optimize the APN setting, improve the MMS successful rate
  • Add premium setting to close GO SMS team sponsored messages
  • Other UI/UE improvement and bugs fix

GO SMS Pro 4.79 APK Download


  • Fix the problem may crash sometimes caused by message list.
  • Fix the problem sms of private box appear in normal message list.
  • Fix the problem update prompt of quick panel appear too frequently
  • Fix the problem cloud-backup keep showing notifications
  • Optimize GetJar premium features’ payment and download process
  • Other UI/UE improvements and bugs fix

GO SMS Pro 4.8 APK Download


  • Same price, premium users have more privileges:
    (a) Premium backup , support all backup-types、no limit space
    (b) Premium goshare , file size up to 10MB、retrivable time up to 30 days
  • FREE features available: Backup to SD card、New emoji for ios 6.0、FB Avata sync
  • Support signing in GO Chat with Google+、more choice of share

GO SMS Pro 4.81 APK Download


  • Fix the bug recieve same double text caused by Facebook Messanger.
  • Other UI/UE improvement and bugs fix

GO SMS Pro 5.01 APK Download


  • Add big editor, you can find it in Menu of conversation.
  • Click “+” button of conversation to add emoji and other attachments.
  • Fix some bugs.

GO SMS Pro 5.02 APK Download


  • New premium Unlimited Themes: One-time payment, free premium themes for life-time
  • Support most SAMSUNG dual sim phones
  • Fix can’t send MMS in some 4.1 phones
  • Other improvements and bugs fix

GO SMS Pro 5.1 APK Download


  • Fix some bugs can’t send MMS ,SMS. (Partly fix, feedback to help our fixing if you have encountered MMS problems)(Menu – Feedback – Email)
  • Optimize the UI experience of conversation view
  • Add LED setting of Private Box and bugs fix
  • Other improvements and bugs fix

GO SMS Pro 5.2 APK Download


  • Optimize users feedback (If you have MMS issues, try: Menu-Feedback-Diagnosis)
  • Fix problem Kyocera phones recieve duplicate messages
  • Reduce package size
  • Other improvements and bugs fix

GO SMS Pro 5.21 APK Download


  • (New) Brand new contact icon popup, private and convenient
  • (New) Stickers format changed to APK and all are FREE now
  • (New) Lithuanian language support
  • (Improvement) Optimize input panel in conversation view
  • (Fixed) HTC devices fail to select system rings in Android 4.1+

GO SMS Pro 5.22 APK Download


  • (New) Sms 4X1 widget on GO Launcher supports 3D core
  • (Improvement) Optimize private box
  • (Improvement) Contact icon popup supports animation
  • (Improvement) Package size reduces 600K
  • (Improvement) Speed increase of program starting
  • (Resource) Brand new theme STEEL, never been so cool

GO SMS Pro 5.23 APK Download


  • (New) Sms widget on GO Launcher supports 3D UI
  • (New) Dual sim mode supports Galaxy Grand Duos, more will be added.
  • (Improvement) Popup supports viewing multiple messages
  • (Improvement) Optimize private box
  • (Improvement) Fix the problem emoji of big edit box won’t show
  • (Improvement) Fix the problem vibration causes crash in some roms
  • (Resource) Brand new theme WP8 Green, more than you can imagine

GO SMS Pro 5.24 APK Download


  • (Improved)The dual SIM support for HTC one(Htc 802w/d/t),Galaxy Mega Duos (GT-I9152),Galaxy Star Duos (GT-S5282),Galaxy Pocket Neo Duos (GT-S5312),Galaxy Frame Duos (GT-S6812),Galaxy Music Duos (GT-S6012)
  • (Improved)Cancel the white screen when openning.
  • (Fixed)The keyboard may cover the latest message in the conversation interface.
  • (Fixed)Some crash problems

GO SMS Pro 5.25 APK Download


  • (New)Delay to send: You have 4 seconds to get the message back before sending it out.
  • (New)New default sticker-Radish
  • (Fixed)The MMS pictures may be smaller than usual
  • (Fixed)The contact group unable to display the contacts

GO SMS Pro 5.26 APK Download


  • (Improved)The time of “Dely to send” will change accroding to the text length automatically.(Paid feature)
  • (Improved)Some interface effect.
  • (Fixed)Blank group contact problem in some device.
  • (Fixed)Some crash bugs.
  • (New)Dual sim card for Galaxy S Duos(GT-S7562).(We will continue to add the dual sim feature for other devices.You can email us your phone model at gosms@goforandroid.com )

GO SMS Pro 5.27 APK Download


  • (New)Support Android 4.4 KitKat. Set GO SMS Pro as the default SMS.
  • (Fixed)The emoji display error in long messages.
  • (Fixed)The group contact name repeated problem.
  • (Fixed)The picture rotating problem
  • (Fixed)The total number of the messages restored maybe wrong.
  • (Fixed)The MMS download button may display wrong.

GO SMS Pro 5.28 APK Download


  • (New)Mark all as read by shake your phone in the main interface.(Settings-Advanced-Application settings)
  • (Fixed)The duplicate sms problem of Android 4.4 Kitkat.
  • (Fixed)Android 4.4 Kitkat can not add the attatchment.
  • (Fixed)The sending status icon may be misplaced.
  • (Fixed)The result of restore may be wrong.
  • (Fixed)The MMS may be too small in some device.

GO SMS Pro 5.3 APK Download


  • Totally New Free Message function,more easy and stable. GO SMS Pro automatically choose to send a message over internet if it will be sent to whom using GO SMS.
  • The old free message plugin will be stopped, please update to the latest version of GO SMS Pro.
  • For the sake of safety, the accounts not bind phone number will be disabled.If you can not find someone in the friend list, it means he hasn’t bind his phone number.And we have cleaned some useless accounts

GO SMS Pro 5.33 APK Download


  • (New)Big MMS:Support sending multiple pictures and 10M size files.
  • (New)Easy way to send voice message
  • (Improved)The sticker panel interface
  • (Improved)The data used by free message
  • (Fixed)Some MMS sending problem.

GO SMS Pro 5.36 APK Download


  • (Free New)You can top the message in the message list.(Long press the conversation, choose the “Sticky on top”).
  • (Improved) The loading Speed of the GO SMS Gallery.
  • (Fixed)Fix some crash problems.

GO SMS Pro 5.37 APK Download


  • (Improved)The display of the settings. (Menu-settings)
  • (New)Sticker-NONOPANDA.
  • (New)Fonts for you! (Find it in the GO SMS themes)
  • (Fixed)Some bugs
  • (Tips)Some Galaxy S4 may can’t send sms after update to 4.4.2 kitkat,please try to reboot your phone and reinstall the GOSMS.

GO SMS Pro 5.38 APK Download


  • (Improved)Test Notification.(Settings-Message Notification-Test notification)
  • (Fixed)The notification can not be closed.
  • (Fixed)Some bugs.

GO SMS Pro 5.4 APK Download


  • (New)US ONLY:Funny games and players in Game Star in the sidebar.
  • (New)New Left Sidebar:Night mode,Security lock,Auto reply,Screenshot inside.
  • (New)Long press the conversation to open the Batch Mode.
  • (New)Drop down the SMS list to open the Search Bar.
  • (Fixed)The settings of “Auto delete old messages”.
  • (Fixed)The color setting of the dividing line.
  • (Fixed)The setting of the “Vibrate Never” .
  • (Fixed)The doodle message can not be edited.

GO SMS Pro 5.41 APK Download


  • (Improved)New theme store, it is more convenient to download and apply themes
  • (Fixed)The BIG MMS for private contact can not be sent
  • (Fixed)Can not use the RE to add photos to slideshow
  • (Fixed)Some bugs of Reminder
  • (Improved)The experience of Game Star (USA only)

GO SMS Pro 5.44 APK Download


  •  (New) Support receive Flash SMS
  •  (Fixed) Failed to share photos from Gallery
  •  (Fixed) Failed to forward MMS.

GO SMS Pro 5.45 APK Download


  •  (New) Folded Stranger messages:Settings-Others-Folded Stranger SMS
  •  (New) Sticker detail preview
  •  (New) Balpen Font
  •  (Improve) Game Stars revision(us only)
  •  (Fixed) Free message always sending
  •  (Fixed) Blank conversation caused by private message

GO SMS Pro 5.46 APK Download


  •  (New) Applying the font, free message you sent would display font-style in others’ phones
  •  (New) Save big mms picture to Gallery manually
  •  (Improve) Settings backup,support backup schedule messages and more
  •  (Fixed) Failed to reply from popup sometimes
  •  (Fixed) Show or send to wrong contact sometimes in some devices
  •  (Fixed) New message without notification sometimes
  •  (Fixed) Request delivery report when free sms transfer to message

GO SMS Pro 5.46 APK Download


  •  (New) Applying the font, free message you sent would display font-style in others’ phones
  •  (New) Save big mms picture to Gallery manually
  •  (Improve) Settings backup,support backup schedule messages and more
  •  (Fixed) Failed to reply from popup sometimes
  •  (Fixed) Show or send to wrong contact sometimes in some devices
  •  (Fixed) New message without notification sometimes
  •  (Fixed) Request delivery report when free sms transfer to message

GO SMS Pro 5.48 APK Download


  •  (New) Weather subscription service
  •  (New) Sharing contacts vcard via the GO SMS
  •  (Improve) Success rate of Free message registration
  •  (Fixed) Big MMS can’t send files with special characters

GO SMS Pro 5.49 APK Download


  •  (New) Android Wear support:
  • Get your messages and reply to them directly from your watch.
  •  (New) Copy or forward multi text messages
  •  (Improve) Support custom the time of delay to send
  •  (Improve) Support custom reminder ringtone
  •  (Fixed) Some crashs and bugs

GO SMS Pro 5.5 APK Download


  •  (New) Open sticky conversations from Android Wear device
  •  (New) Slovakia locale support
  •  (Fixed) Notification without unread messages count below android 4.0
  •  (Fixed) Can’t send slide in private box

GO SMS Pro 5.51 APK Download


  • (Improve) Startup faster
  • (Fixed) MMS doesn’t work with T-Mobile WiFi calling(Need permission to change WLAN status)
  • (Improve) MMS Group chat(Need carriers support)

GO SMS Pro 5.6 APK Download


  • (New)Separate notify strangers’ messages
  • (Fixed)Can’t show Vcard and text MMS
  • (Fixed)Some problems of MMS messaging
  • (Improve)Support more dual SIM models

GO SMS Pro 5.61 APK Download


  • (New)Separate notify strangers’ messages
  • (Fixed)Can’t show Vcard and text MMS
  • (Fixed)Some problems of MMS messaging
  • (Improve)Support more dual SIM models

GO SMS Pro 6.0 APK Download


  • Trending UI style.
  • Make it simpler and easier to use.
  • Many exquisite background available for download.
  • Discover more by yourself.

GO SMS Pro 6.01 APK Download


  • (Improve)Easier to use private box and blocker.
  • (Improve)Bring back vibrate pattern and avatar popup.
  • (Improve)Support select multiple recipients in group.
  • (Fixed)Some bugs fixed.

GO SMS Pro 6.02 APK Download


  • (Improve)Easier to use private box and blocker.
  • (Improve)Bring back vibrate pattern and avatar popup.
  • (Improve)Support select multiple recipients in group.
  • (Fixed)Some bugs fixed.

GO SMS Pro 6.1 APK Download


  • (New) Change style: choose your favorite style. (Settings–Appearance–Change style)
  • (New) Show the signature in the input box in conversations.
  • (Fixed) Some bugs.

GO SMS Pro 6.11 APK Download

Added on January 13, 2015


  • Bring back the Emoji.
  • You need to download Emoji plugin again because of copyright issues.Sorry for the inconvenience.

GO SMS Pro 6.2 APK Download

Added on January 21, 2015


  • Upgrade theme store, immerse yourself in the world of themes;
  • Recommend recent contacts when you write a new message;
  • Supports changing the style of notification bar in 5.0 Lollipop.


  1. moecheddah25

    I love the app but i tried installing Older version
    It says there is a problem parsing the package help me please

    • Android Drawer

      Hi Moecheddah25,

      The Problem Parsing the Package error is due to:
      1. The Downloaded .apk file is Currupted or not fully downloaded
      2. You might have turned off “Allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources”
      3. If the App is not Compatible with the Hardware or the Version of OS you are using.

      1. Connect to a stable and fast internet preferrably on a wifi connection
      2. Go to your Device Setting Menu > Scroll down and Click on Applications > Now Check the Box of Unknown Sources to allow installation of non Market Applications.
      3. If you are still not able to Get rid of There is a Problem Parsing the Package Error then it clearly indicates that the file that you have downloaded is not Compatible with your Device hardware or Operating System.
      Try to Install it on another Android Device which has better hardware and Higher Version of Android Installed in it.

      Hope you find it Useful. Cheers!

    • Xi.

      This site is mainly for those who are in need of apk files without google play/gmail ac. If we use google play, most apps will get updated automatically and we don’t have control in many android versions. So, those who need old UI, they can download the old version. So this feature in android drawer is most helpful.

      • Android Drawer

        Hi Xi, thanks for your comment, and thanks for the compliment. You can set Google Play Store app NOT to automaticaly update your apps. You can find it on Google Play Store app settings > Auto-Update apps > Select Do not auto-update apps. That’s pretty much it. Hope you find it helpful. Cheers!

  2. Zel Liarch

    I’m having problems with my new message notification ringtone. My profile is in general and my volumes are up. What should I do? Thanks, Go SMS!

  3. Anika Gordon

    Hi! I’ve been really a fan of GoSms Pro. But when I changed my unit it won’t show the dual sim function. My phone is Samsung Galaxy J1. Thanks:)


    Hi Android Drawer Team, I am a fan of this apk since 2012. I want the older version which is I can customized the appearance settings like conversation background the font size, font size color, font style, popup window customization and other settings regarding to its appearance. But I can’t find the one that I really like. Because only the difference is the sending option which the one that i really loved is the who has dual sim function from its message or popup, could you help me pls? I already install Go Sms Pro from version 4.52 to 5.36.. pls Team More More Thank You in advanced


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