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Latest Version: PingPong – SPOT Networking 1.3.0.apk


What's New:

  • Teachers
  • Send the results function is added.
  • Open Evernote function has been upgraded.
  • View Evernote together function has been added.
  • The color of the drawing pen on PingPong board is changed to black.
  • Students
  • A camera function has been added to drawing answer screen.
  • Landscape mode has been added in Galaxy Tab 10.1.
  • Please actively use the Web version of so~good PingPong that even works on PC along with the app.
  • Web for Teachers :
  • Web for Students :

What is PingPong – SPOT Networking?

PingPong is a tool that enables communication for people who have gathered for a lecture, class, discussion, etc. It can be useful for inducing audience questions, assessing students’ understanding, sharing materials easily and selecting winners in draws without a complicated registration process.

PingPong- Easy, Fun, and Quick SPOT Networking!
Start right now.

*Important! PingPong Web Veta version has been launched. If installation is impossible due to OS problems, please visit
*Note! If access is impossible due to firewall, open port 49153.
PingPong service features

1. Smart accessibility
It can be used on any device: iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, PC, etc.

2. Simple access
Host and guests can both use the service without registration.

3. Various activities
The Host can ask for responses with different methods such as true/false, text, image, etc.

4. Quick results
Guests’ responses can be checked in real time with graphs, lists, etc.

5. Link to Evernote
Materials saved in the Host’s Evernote can easily be loaded and shared with the Guests.

6. Convenient tool
Fun to use with functions such as the timer and random selection.
Difficulties in proceeding

Disorganized situations where people are chatting and not paying attention..
Awkward situations where people are asking questions not related to the subject..
Situations where you’re wondering whether people understand the subject or whether you’re explaining things that they already know about..

These situations are all experienced by Host’s who host lectures, classes, and events.
It is really hard to get peoples’ attention and bring fun to places where many people are gathered.

However, these problems can all be solved when you use Easy, Fun, and Quick PingPong.
Here’s how to use PingPong:

1. Speeches, Seminars
Use the [Send Text] function when you want to induce audience questions.
Use the [Send Image] function when you want to organize hosts’ business card.

2. Classes, Lectures
Use the [Multiple Choice 4] function when you are curious about students’ understanding.
Use the [True/False] function when you are doing a quiz contest.
Use the [Send Image] function when you draw your teacher’s or friend’s face.

3. Discussions, Meetings
Use the [Load Evernote] function when you want to show meeting materials.
Use the [Share Evernote] function when you want to share minutes from the meeting.

4. Events
Use the [Random Selection] function when you want to draw for winners.

Also you can apply PingPong usefully in many other different situations.
Main Functions

  • Multiple Choice 4
  • Multiple Choice 5
  • True/False
  • Send Text
  • Send Image
  • Load Evernote
  • Share Evernote
  • Timer
  • Random Name
  • Presentation

Start using PingPong right away-
it’s Easy, Fun, and Quick SPOT Networking!

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Older APK Versions of PingPong – SPOT Networking

PingPong – SPOT Networking 1.1.0 APK Download

Added on January 20, 2014


  • We are announcing new updates in PingPong.
  • We have fixed the problem with unstable connection that occurred in part of PingPong. .
  • There is a bar graph added to multiple choice and short answers menu. .
  • Checking the results in detail screen has now changed.
  • We have added a function that limits the number of characters in short answers.
  • In addition, various bug fixes have been made. .
  • PingPong is getting better each day right now.

PingPong – SPOT Networking 1.2.0 APK Download

Added on February 17, 2014


  • Introducing the new updates of PingPong.
  •  Teacher
  • Five types of multiple menus have been added.
  • 1.2.3. articles have been added to the multiple choice question.
  • ‘Go to question’ Button has been added to the bottom of PingPong Board.
  • ‘Zoom in/Zoom out’ function has been added for the contents that were pulled from Evernote.
  •  Student
  • You can check answered content from your stand by screen.
  • Even more, overall design has been upgraded.
  • Also, various bugs have been improved.


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