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What's New:

  • Updates/fixes to Google Play Games cloud saving

What is Chess Free?

Top Developer (awarded 2013)

Chess Free is the best free Chess game on Android and is currently the highest ranked (at time of writing) from the 120+ free chess programs listed!

rating!: “”Chess Free provides a rich and challenging experience of this classic board game, all within the confines of your Android smart-phone. “” James Woodcock : Review Journalist (


  • 12 play levels (Novice->Expert)
  • This uses intelligent weakening for lower levels. Good for beginners.
  • Casual and Pro modes (NEW!)
  • Two different play modes allow you to choose how much help the game gives you, and stats are kept separate for both.
  • Uses Treebeard Chess engine
  • (as used in Microsoft’s MSN Chess). This has a unique “”human-like”” style.
  • Chess Tutor
  • This option shows a recommended piece to move. This will help you think about how you should play without telling you exactly what move to make. This is good for developing chess skill while also helping you avoid simple mistakes.
  • Show CPU Thinking option for level 3+
  • A unique feature, great for learning chess. This shows which moves the AI is considering.
  • Chess Stats, Timers, Hints and Handicaps
  • Track your career history against each level and improve your rating
  • Achievements, Leaderboards and Cloud save for stats! (NEW!)
  • Available when logging in with your Google+ account
  • Provides ELO Rating based on your results against CPU in Pro Mode (NEW!)
  • 2 player hot-seat
  • Play against your friends!
  • 8 Chess Boards and 7 Chess Piece Sets
  • Review game mode
  • Step back through your game and see how you won!
  • Load/Save game files & PGN Export
  • Designed for both Tablet and Phone

Landscape mode available for tablets. (NEW!)
Supported by unobtrusive Ads.

Note: Requested permissions are a requirement of the in-game ads only. The Paid version has no ads, and therefore no permissions beyond writing to SD card.*

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Older APK Versions of Chess Free

Chess Free 1.603 APK Download


  • New mode for Load/Save game files
  • PGN Export
  • New Two Player board modes
  • GPU rendering for Android 3.0+ & 4.0+ devices
  • Support for Action Bar on 3.0+ & 4.0+ devices
  • New board and piece set
  • Fixes possible crash related to ad system

Chess Free 1.61 APK Download


  • New “Hide Undo Button” option
  • Improved PGN export
  • Fixes rare instance where legal moves might not be shown
  • Ad network instability fix
  • Minor UI tweaks

Chess Free 1.62 APK Download


  • Improved layouts for tablets
  • Resign option added to menu
  • Show Coordinates option added (apart from on small QVGA phones)
  • Fix to PGN date format
  • Fixes crash in Android 1.5

Chess Free 1.63 APK Download


  • Added Alternating play option. Improved layouts for medium sized tablets. HD graphics for larger and high-res devices.

Chess Free 1.65 APK Download


  •  Reduced install size, and added a new board!

Chess Free 1.66 APK Download

Chess Free 1.67 APK Download


  •  Added a new board!
  •  Russian translations added

Chess Free 1.7 APK Download


  •  AI now faster and stronger, with two new levels. (up to 12)
  •  Two new boards, and a piece set for the festive season.
  •  “Analyse” option added.

Chess Free 1.801 APK Download


  •  Tutor mode added. The tutor will suggest which piece to move, but not where you should move it to.
  •  “Show Pieces In Danger” option added. Pieces at risk of capture are highlighted red, when this option is selected.

Chess Free 2.0 APK Download


  •  Landscape mode for tablets!
  •  Achievements & Leaderboards via Google Play Games!
  •  Cloud Save for stats via Google+
  •  New Casual (with play aids) and Pro modes
  •  ELO rating in Pro after 5 games vs CPU. Level 12 is ELO 2100
  •  Human variability: play levels show some variability between matches
  •  Old level 5 is now level 6 with a new weaker level 5 added
  •  Optional shortened algebraic move notation
  •  KRK/KQK endgame fix

Chess Free 2.01 APK Download


  •  Fixes bug with auto-rotation on tablets, which could ignore system locked rotation setting
  •  Fixes bugs related to the widget
  •  other small fixes

Chess Free 2.12 APK Download

Chess Free 2.2 APK Download

Added on December 3, 2014


  • New practice level added for an easy learning game
  • “Confirm Pro Moves” mode added to the options

Chess Free 2.21 APK Download

Added on January 13, 2015


  • Updated Match Settings UI

Chess Free 2.211 APK Download

Added on February 4, 2015


  • Addresses ad related stability issue.

Chess Free 2.3 APK Download

Added on February 12, 2015


  • Fixes inverse portrait orientation issue for some devices
  • Allows earlier skipping of end of game animation
  • Other minor fixes

Chess Free 2.301 APK Download

Added on March 25, 2015


  • Ad related stability improvements

Chess Free 2.34 APK Download

Added on September 2, 2015


  • For Google Play Games users: Old Google cloud save system (soon to be disconnected) replaced by new Google Play Save Games system (which uses Google Drive)


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