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Latest Version: Exchange Rates 1.8.6.apk


What's New:

  • Shortened some Russian currency names
  • Adjusted layout to truncate long currency names to prevent overlap
  • Chart and Wikipedia options now available even when offline mode

What is Exchange Rates?

An easy to use currency converter with no ads.


  • Integrated calculator
  • Every world currency
  • Multiple currency display
  • Override rates
  • Invert rates
  • Offline mode
  • Currency charts
  • Auto sync
  • Currency wikipedia

The about screen contains the latest version info.

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Older APK Versions of Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates 1.7.2 APK Download

Added on January 1, 1970


  • Added change currency to context menu
  • Removed change currency from tap on flag
  • Improvements to Italian translation
  • Added traditional Chinese translation

Exchange Rates 1.7.4 APK Download

Added on February 23, 2015


  • Improved the resolution of the launcher icon
  • Changed over to the new flag for Libya.
  • Corrected a number of currency pegs that have changed over the years
  • Corrected the fixed rate for the Bermuda Dollar
  • Built with modern Android SDK and Play Services (apologies for the small size increase)

Exchange Rates 1.8.2 APK Download

Added on March 9, 2015


  • Migrated the application to action bar
  • Updated a number of the application icons
  • Enabled the app compatibility theme
  • Overhauled the visual layout to better fit with action bar
  • Removed display of rate from base currency
  • Fixed crash when no internet connection available
  • Minor copy updates
  • Fixed display of settings checkboxes for devices not running Android 5.0
  • Rounding to currency subunit is now configurable

Exchange Rates 1.8.4 APK Download

Added on March 14, 2015


  • Updated the currency code for Zambia to ZMW
  • Shortened the currency name for AED in German to avoid overlapping text
  • Reduced the name and amount font size by 1dp to avoid overlapping text
  • Fixed an import / export state permissions issue with Android 5.1


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