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Latest Version: Financisto – Expense Manager 1.7.1.apk


What's New:

  • My grandiose plan to migrate to Holo/Material Theme is taking too long unfortunately and I decided to fix the immediate issues with the new Android 6 devices.
  • Restore software menu button
  • Partially restore locations

What is Financisto – Expense Manager?

Open-source personal finance manager.


  • Multiple accounts, multiple currencies
  • Home currency and exchange rates
  • Transfers with downloadable rates
  • Scheduled & recurring transactions
  • Split transactions
  • Hierarchical categories with custom attributes
  • Recurring budgets
  • Project, payees and locations
  • Filtering and reporting
  • Cloud backup (Dropbox, Google Docs)
  • Automatic daily backups
  • QIF/CSV import/export


  • Please DO BACKUP before upgrade!
  • Please DO NOT move Financisto to SD card if you’re using widget and/or scheduled transactions.


  • GET_ACCOUNTS/USE_CREDENTIALS – For backup on Google Drive and Flowzr
  • INTERNET – automatic error reporting (can be switched off in the preferences); for downloading currency rates in multi-currency transfer; to do online backup to Dropbox and Google Docs; also required by Google Maps component to edit/view locations
  • LOCATION – to stamp current location on a transactions, can be switched off in the preferences
  • CAMERA – to attach pictures to transactions


Q: Menu button is not there on my phone, what to do?
A: There should be a way for you phone to work with pre-ICS apps. For example, on the HTC One V you must *PRESS AND HOLD* the app switch button (the right most button with the two overlapping square) and then it acts as a menu button.

Q: Why currency XYZ is missing?
A: You can add any currency manually. Go to Menu -> Entities -> Currencies -> [+]

Q: How to delete account/transaction/balance etc?
A: Long tap on an item in the list to bring up popup menu

Q: Shortcuts do not work on Home screen
A: Try to restart your phone, it helps with most of the launchers out there

Q: Home currency and exchange rates give me wrong total
A: Please take a look how the total get calculated with Home currency

Older APK Versions of Financisto – Expense Manager

Financisto – Expense Manager 1.5.8u1 APK Download

Added on May 5, 2012


  • Update translations from Crowdin
  • Add an option to collapse or show all buttons on the Blotter screen

Financisto – Expense Manager 1.5.8u2 APK Download

Added on May 23, 2012


  • Add an option to disable projects
  • Add more filter options to reports (experimental)
  • Filter reports by income/expense/summary
  • Remember filters for each report individually
  • Keep only one By Category report to resolve any ambiguity
  • Fix pie charts in By Category reports

Financisto – Expense Manager 1.5.8u3 APK Download

Financisto – Expense Manager 1.5.9 APK Download


  • Improved CSV Import to create categories and projects automatically
  • Fix default sign for amount input to be expense
  • Fix ‘adjust last split

Financisto – Expense Manager 1.5.9u1 APK Download

Financisto – Expense Manager 1.6.0 APK Download

Added on July 17, 2012


  • Archiving: Delete old transactions without affecting account balance
  • Option to hide closed accounts on the accounts list screen
  • Option to show last transaction date on the accounts list screen
  • Option to choose startup screen
  • Split screen improvements: create categories on the fly, specify category attributes, select projects
  • Projects imported as classes in QIF
  • Option to manually re-index categories if the category report seems broken

Financisto – Expense Manager 1.6.1 APK Download

Added on August 24, 2012


  • Semi-automatic integrity check to address the issues with running balance going out of sync Menu -> More -> Integrity fix
  • Cosmetic fixes

Financisto – Expense Manager 1.6.2 APK Download

Added on October 1, 2012


  • Enter regular/split transactions with any currency different from the account’s currency
  • Add two new periods to Blotter filter
  • Add an option to pick startup screen
  • UI tweaks, like remembering position in the Blotter when using quick menu, add ‘Reconcile’ action
  • Bug-fixes, including for Integrity Fix

Financisto – Expense Manager 1.6.3 APK Download

Added on February 15, 2013


  • Scheduled transactions planner (experimental)
  • New and updated translations from Crowdin
  • UI tweaks and fixes

Financisto – Expense Manager 1.6.4 APK Download

Added on April 24, 2013


  • [+] Add more exchange rate providers (OpenExchangeRates, Flowzr)
  • [+] Download all current rates at once (Menu in Exchange rates screen)
  • [*] Add original amount/currency into CSV export/import

Financisto – Expense Manager 1.6.5u1 APK Download

Added on September 16, 2013


  • [*] Add payee to transfers
  • [*] Offline rate if network is not available
  • [-] Fix Dropbox linking
  • [-] Fix filter by category in Blotter

Financisto – Expense Manager 1.6.7 APK Download

Added on January 28, 2014


  • Improve online backup/restore (Dropbox & Google Drive)

Financisto – Expense Manager 1.6.8 APK Download

Added on July 1, 2014


Apologizes for the lack of updates lately. I’m investing all my available time to work on proper Holo re-design. Please take a look at these early screenshots (
  •  Backup pictures on Google Drive
  •  Flowzr improvements


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