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What's New:

  • Restored functionality to donut users. Sorry about that!

What is Mileage?

* Please perform a SQLite backup before upgrading, just in case! *

Mileage 3.0 is here! Mileage 3.0 represents a huge improvement to Mileage.


  • Multiple vehicle support
  • All new charts (thanks to aiCharts)
  • Customizable fillup fields
  • Per-vehicle measurement units
  • All new statistics
  • Vastly improved CSV importing
  • Streamlined import and export
  • Automatic SD card backups
  • All new vehicle types
  • Service interval templates
  • Much, much more!

Your service intervals will not be migrated! Please re-create them manually afterward!

Mileage 3.0 features a new graphical refresh, courtesy of Steve Albright! Please go check out his Clutch Pad application!

The charting library was donated by ArtfulBits; their aiCharts engine is fantastic and I highly recommend you check it out.

Older APK Versions of Mileage

We've just added this app in our repo. Unfortunately there's no older version of this app yet. If you're the developer of this app and you want to share the previous versions, please contact us.


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