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Latest Version: Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer 5.60.02.apk


What's New:

  • Exercise videos are now installed with the app instead of a download separately. Don’t worry, we’ll delete the old ones so you can save space. You can still disable the automatically played videos from Settings if you prefer.
  • Permissions: We have removed the permissions for access to the microphone and call information. We did need to add a few to bundle up the videos in the app, so please don’t let those alarm you. These changes were in response to the valuable feedback you provide as users.

What is Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer?

Sworkit provides randomized circuit training workouts to keep you motivated to exercise and stay fit. You can choose your workout length and target different areas to create the perfect workout anywhere, anytime. No weights or extra equipment required.

LIFEHACKER – “It’s just about everything you’d want out of an exercise app.” – May 24, 2012

Sworkit is designed to keep your workouts more interesting by building randomized workouts that do not require any extra equipment and will not become monotonous. The circuit training aspect provides additional cardiovascular fitness with each exercise being presented in 30 second intervals with a built in rest periods every 2 minutes.

Syncs directly to MyFitnessPal


“This is the best workout app I have found. Even the free version is awesome.”
“Amazing app .. really feel like its a real coach, pushing me forward to a better body.”
“Amazing app! Workouts without needing equipment. You go at your speed. This app helped me lose 20+ lbs. and I’m still going!”


  • Targeted workouts for Upper Body, Lower Body, Core Strength, Back Strength, Stretching, Yoga Sequences, and Pilates.
  • Create your own Custom Workouts using any exercises in our library for a fully personalized experience. Great for focused workouts, injury recovery, and new challenges.
  • Set reminders and access your previous stats to get motivated
  • Animated video demonstrations for every exercise
  • Audible warnings for workouts that tell you exactly what to do and when.

I hope you enjoy Sworkit as a great workout tool that will keep you motivated to increase your overall fitness level at your convenience.

Please workout within your means and be safe at all times.

Upgrade to Sworkit Pro for these features:

  • Save multiple custom workouts
  • Adjustable interval lengths
  • Advanced Audio Options
  • 7-Minute Workout other bonus workouts
  • Access to complete workout history
  • Extra Rewards Points (US only)
  • Optional Rewards

Coming Soon: HD Videos and Small Equipment Exercises

Older APK Versions of Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer

Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer 4.0.0 APK Download


  •  Fix for MyFitnessPal time zone syncs.
  •  Yoga interval times are free of limitations. Namaste.
  •  Minor UI updates
  • Please feel free to send feedback to contact@sworkit.com
  • Follow Sworkit on Facebook & Twitter:
  • http://www.facebook.com/SworkitApps
  • http://twitter.com/sworkit

Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer 4.0.1 APK Download


  • Fix for KitKat 4.4 image scaling
  • Performance improvements

Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer 4.0.2 APK Download


  • Easy access to the transition pause toggle on the Minutes selection screen
  • Sync partially completed workouts to MyFitnessPal.
  • Information added about Pro’s new Adjustable Interval Lengths and Custom Workout Orders
  • Follow Sworkit on Facebook & Twitter:
  • http://www.facebook.com/SworkitApps
  • http://twitter.com/sworkit

Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer 4.0.3 APK Download


  •  Import preconfigured workouts from the custom workouts screen like Low Impact, Pregnancy  Full Body, Rump Roaster, Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Full Body, Runner’s Warm-up and more (scroll to bottom of the custom workout editor)
  •  Fix for connecting MyFitnessPal through Facebook
  •  Transition Pause enabled by default for new users
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission added to support optional social sharing
  • If you love Sworkit, please consider leaving an updated review and telling a friend.

Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer 4.0.4 APK Download


  • bug fixes and…
  • Sworkit is proud to announce that it is now a part of Nexercise. Sworkit will continue to provide the same amazing workouts, just with a little extra help behind the scenes! Check out their app that makes fitness rewarding by earning gift cards & virtual rewards just for being active! Look out for further integration between the two apps in the near future.

Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer 5.00.10 APK Download

Added on October 13, 2014


  • Thank you for all of your great support and stories of how you use Sworkit.
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Fixed videos for certain devices which saw a grey or black rectangle instead
  • (If you had the above video issue, please download videos again from Settings)

Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer 5.00.11 APK Download

Added on October 27, 2014


  • Share Custom Workouts: Now personal trainers, physicians, coaches, and friends can share specially designed custom workouts
  • Popular Custom Workouts: Find out which custom workouts are popular among other Sworkit users
  • Sworkit is now called Sworkit Lite. Check out Sworkit Pro for even more great features.
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out about all of the newest featured workouts direct from top personal trainers.

Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer 5.00.12 APK Download

Added on November 14, 2014


  • UI Improvements
  • Even more awesomeness
  • Have 5 minutes? Get to Swork.

Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer 5.00.13 APK Download

Added on November 19, 2014


  • UI Improvements
  • Even more awesomeness
  • Have 5 minutes? Get to Swork.

Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer 5.50.02 APK Download

Added on January 1, 2015


  • New “5 minute workout” option on the home page that can get you working out in 1 tap! Fitting in at least 5 minutes per day will help you create a great habit.
  • New workouts: Boot Camp and Yoga for Runners.
  • Autostart for workouts is now enabled so you can get to working it even easier.
  • Sworkit is now FULLY available in 7 languages! This includes text and audio for English, German, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), French, Italian, and Portuguese (Brazilian).
Simply WORK IT

Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer 5.50.03 APK Download

Added on January 5, 2015


  • Mission Sworkit Worldwide continues. Now available in Russian and Turkish!
  • Bug fixes for longer workouts and mPoints rewards.

Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer 5.50.07 APK Download

Added on March 10, 2015


  • Sworkit can now sync workout activity data with Google Fit!
  • Note: We’ve added a few ads inside the lite version. Our goal was to minimize the impact of these to the user experience, while allowing us to bring in revenue so we can continue to bring you awesome new features. If you love Sworkit, which we hope you do, feel free to show your support and upgrade to Pro which offers and Ad free experience, and much more customizations.
  • NoGymNoExcuses


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