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What's New:

  • Helloooo! It’s a new year and love is in the air, and this special Valentine’s Day edition of Wanelo is not afraid to show it!
  • We gave the feed some tender loving care, and you can now see which stores you follow on your profile (finally!).
  • Tell us what you think! We stay up late at night and read your emails: hello@wanelo.com.
  • Love and Sweethearts,
  • Wanelo

What is Wanelo Shopping?

Millions of people use Wanelo (from Want, Need, Love) to find products they love. Follow all of your favorite stores and people in one place to get a feed of products customized just for you!

Wanelo is the best in shopping entertainment. It brings you an endless stream of the most unique products online, all posted by people like you. Use the app to create a universal wishlist (or multiple) with products from stores around the world!

Shop based on personalized suggestions:

  • Follow your favorite stores and people.
  • Save or buy the things you love.
  • Create collections, wishlists and registries for gifts, holidays, shopping lists and shopping inspiration.
  • Buy gifts or save gift ideas for friends and family.

All products on Wanelo are posted by users. Products include fashion, clothes and accessories for women, men, and kids, as well as home decor and furniture. Find the best dress, shoes or gadgets.

We should mention that Wanelo is dangerous for your free time and wallet. Our users think so, too:

“I spend more time shopping on the @Wanelo app than I do breathing.”

“I wish I had all the money in the world. I would just spend all of it on Wanelo.”

“I’m doing all of my Christmas shopping on Wanelo #obsessed”

“#Wanelo you can have all of my money! #obsessed”

“@Wanelo app for android!? brb, DYING.”

“I absolutely love wanelo! I’m over the moon now that they have an app! :D”
Jessica Purvis

Older APK Versions of Wanelo Shopping

Wanelo Shopping 1.1 APK Download

Added on December 14, 2012


  • browse and follow stores
  • better search
  • fixes for sign-in problems on some phone models

Wanelo Shopping 1.2 APK Download

Added on December 21, 2012


  • We just made the app a lot easier to shop from! Now you won’t lose your place on Wanelo when you browse products on external sites. We also fixed a few bugs and made sign-up smoother.
  • In the next update: create and view collections and more!
  • We like it when you email us: hello@wanelo.com

Wanelo Shopping 1.9 APK Download

Added on January 16, 2013


  • Finally: Find your friends on Wanelo! Check out the new Friends tab.
  • We also made it easier to @-mention the usernames of friends in comments to share products with them.
  • Also! Delete products you’ve saved. Just tap and hold a product on your profile or collection, then confirm.


Wanelo Shopping 2.0 APK Download

Added on January 26, 2013


At last! Version 2.0 of Wanelo for Android contains My Feed! Now you can keep up with the people and stores you follow and build your own Wanelo universe.

We also made a lot of performance improvements, and many more are on the way.
What else do you want? What makes you happy? Tell us all about it at hello@wanelo.com.

Wanelo Shopping 2.1 APK Download

Added on February 1, 2013


  • In this update, lots of beautiful bug fixes!
  • We made the app speedier and more stable so we can keep up with all your saving and buying. Bring it on :)

Wanelo Shopping 2.3 APK Download


  • New in this version: receive push notifications when someone @-mentions you on a product, or when someone follows you. We have limits in place so as not to overwhelm you.
  • We also made the app a little better, stronger, faster.

Wanelo Shopping 3.10 APK Download

Added on October 29, 2013


  • This version of Wanelo is optimized for raw SPEED. You can scroll through feeds faster, product images will load quicker, interactions will feel snappier, *and*​ you can save a product right from the grid with a long tap! There’s nothing to slow you down now! Drive safely.
  • We also improved push notifications and gave the whole app more confidence-building attention and care.
  • Giant heaps of awesomeness coming soon :)
  • Wanelo
  • hello@wanelo.com

Wanelo Shopping 3.11 APK Download

Added on November 7, 2013


  • OK. We may have gone too far this time.
  • Every product on Wanelo now has a long, wondrous grid of related products below it! Tap a product you like and scroll to find more you might like, based on what other people are saving. It’s deliriously addictive and endlessly stimulating.
  • We’ll have more goodness for you when you come up for air.
  • Love,
  • Wanelo
  • hello@wanelo.com

Wanelo Shopping 4.0.2 APK Download

Added on December 3, 2013


  • This update puts collections front and center on your profile! Check it out — it’s surprisingly fascinating.
  • Also, wow. There are doges on your gifts collection.
  • Happy shopping!
  • Love and snowflakes,
  • Wanelo
  • PS: Tell us what’s missing in the app! Email hello@wanelo.com. We take heed.

Wanelo Shopping 4.1.2 APK Download

Added on December 30, 2013


  • The greatest wishlist of all time? => your Wanelo. Send it to all the people; get what you want.
  • This special holiday edition puts search right into the nav bar! You can also browse stories and categories there. We’ve streamlined the app based on *your* feedback and usage.
  • We also brought category filters back to Trending (yay!), and you can select as many or as few as you like.
  • Happy shopping! Please use Wanelo responsibly this holiday season.
  • Love and snowcats,
  • Wanelo
  • hello@wanelo.com


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