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Latest Version: GPS Status & Toolbox 5.3.111.apk


What's New:

  • FIX: Resolved issues with GPS detection.
  • NEW: On Android 4.1+ the notification can be hidden temporarily using a notification action. (It is still possible to disable the whole feature in the app settings.)
  • PRO: Downloading aGPS data and saving the current position is now available from a notification action.

What is GPS Status & Toolbox?

Displays GPS and sensor data: position and signal strength of satellites, accuracy, speed, acceleration, altitude, bearing, pitch, roll and battery state.
Tools included: compass with magnetic and true north, leveling tool, mark or share your location and navigate back later using the Radar.
Keep your GPS fast: reset it or download A-GPS data regularly for faster fixes.

Visit the FAQ at:

GPS Status is 100% space proof. Try to spot the program in the promo video :)

PRO features:

  • show/store/edit/export multiple waypoints and use them on the Radar for navigation.
  • pressure, rotation, temperature, humidity values (if supported by the device)
  • removed ads


  • Location: We need this to display your location and allows the program to re-download AGPS data or reset the GPS.
  • External storage: required by the PRO version to be able to export the stored waypoints to an external file.
  • Internet: Used by the advertisement component. The PRO version does not use the internet connection at all.

KNOWN FIRMWARE ISSUES (please do not report them):

  • Galaxy S4 on Verizon: Because of a firmware bug, the notification item in GPS Status can’t be removed. You need to disable the notification feature in Settings if this annoys you.
  • Droid 3: The initial Droid 3 firmware does not implement the satellite status API so you will not see the satellites and the signal strength bars. The rest of the features should work properly.
  • Motorola phones: On some phones, turning your phone to airplane mode will turn off the GPS receiver, too. This is a hardware limitation.
  • Droid Charge: Reports 0 altitude.
  • LG Optimus: The phone cannot report the satellite SNR values correctly (all signal bars will be maxed out).
  • Samsung phones: Because of a firmware bug, they may report extreme battery consumption for GPS Status even if it is not running at all (other programs using sensors are affected too). This is harmless and no power is consumed! Just ignore it and let’s hope that a future firmware upgrade will fix this on your phone.
  • Nexus One/S: With Andoid 2.3 it cannot report NMEA sentences. This means that the DOP/HDOP/VDOP values are not available.
  • MobiWIA – a cooperation with Andrs Studio —

Older APK Versions of GPS Status & Toolbox

GPS Status & Toolbox 3.8.1 APK Download

GPS Status & Toolbox 4.0.1 APK Download

Added on November 27, 2012


  • stability and layout fixes

GPS Status & Toolbox 4.3.83 APK Download

Added on December 24, 2013


  • KitKat related fixes:
  •  FIX: Signal strength was not shown in the notification on KitKat.
  •  FIX: Fix for disappearing notification on Nexus 7 / KitKat
  •  FIX: Map URL fix for Google Maps 7+. Now uses q=lat,lon format again.

GPS Status & Toolbox 4.3.85 APK Download

Added on March 11, 2014


KitKat related fixes:
  •  FIX: Rewritten sensor code so compass and level will work on KitKat devices
  •  FIX: Signal strength was not shown in the notification on KitKat.
  •  FIX: Fix for disappearing notification on Nexus 7 / KitKat
  •  FIX: Map URL fix for Google Maps 7+. Now uses q=lat,lon format again.

GPS Status & Toolbox 4.4.86 APK Download

Added on April 5, 2014


  •  FIX: Screen orientation is now correctly calculated in landscape mode.
  •  FIX: Uses the ORIENTATION sensor for better compatibility.
  •  FIX: Pitch/roll is now working even on low-end devices without a magnetometer sensor.
  •  FIX: Use the * char to denote the ° ‘ and ” character in the location edit dialog.
  •  NEW: New share template variables: %lat% and %lon%
  •  NEW: Compass is now working when speed is above 5km/h even on devices without a magnetometer sensor
  •  NEW: Translation updates.

GPS Status & Toolbox 5.0.102 APK Download

Added on July 2, 2014


  •  An almost full rewrite for Android 4.0+ compatibility
  •  Hardware menu key is no longer used for navigation
  •  Swipe left/right to switch between Status/Radar/Locations
  •  Tap the screen to access the action bar
  •  Easy access to Mark location on Radar screen
  •  Long tap the MARK LOCATION button to quick mark the current location (without showing a dialog at all)
  •  Improved settings screen showing the current settings value
  •  Long tap on the Locations screen to select a waypoint (PRO)

GPS Status & Toolbox 5.1.106 APK Download

Added on August 3, 2014


  •  Fixed a crash on certain Android 4.1 devices.
  •  “Keep GPS on when screen is turned off” feature fixed.
  •  Theme related bugfixes.
  •  Tuned night and day themes.
  •  Themes now activate without exiting the app.
  •  PRO: Export the stored locations to external storage (XML, JSON or CSV). This new feature requires Read/Write external storage permission.

GPS Status & Toolbox 5.2.109 APK Download

Added on August 18, 2014


  • FIX: Stability and performance improvements.
  • FIX: Black background instead of gradient.
  • NEW: Copy to clipboard action is back.
  • NEW: Pitch/roll is now working on devices without compass.
  • PRO: New step counter instrument (if supported by the hardware).
  • PRO: New color temperature instrument (if supported by the hardware).
  • PRO: Copy all selected locations to the clipboard (on Locations screen).


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