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What's New:

  • Sorry, too many updates in the last 2 days. This one IS important (fixed the indefinite loading bug)

What is Agenda Widget for Android?

Highly customizable homescreen widget which allows you to show calendars and tasks from various other Android applications. It comes with various preset themes and has 3 display modes (inline, icon and date row).

This is the free version of the application which is fully functional, however at the moment it does not receive feature updates (more information: unless you are using Android version 4 or greater which started out with Agenda Widget 2.0

The free version still gets bug fixes and will have some minor changes to the settings.
Agenda Widget Plus gets you:

  • A grid view
  • Support for UTD
  • New default theme
  • Cleaner settings
  • Calendar color override
  • Easier to make separate widgets

For a full list of differences between free and plus is check the website

More about the free version:

Calendar application support: 

  • Google including Activesync
  • Motorola Droid corporate calendar application(now obsolete)
  • Touchdown exchange

Tasks application support:

  • Astrid
  • SSI gTasks
  • Dato GTask
  • Google Task Organizer (Full version)
  • Got To Do (Full version))

Scrolling is available with ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro, Go Launcher, Xperia Arv launcher and others.
Zeam has dropped scrolling launcher support, not my fault :P
Please E-MAIL with bug reports, comments are useless.

If you like this buy the Plus version!
If you are having a problem with the widget or have a suggestion about a missing feature, the ONLY way it will get done is if you email me or add a comment on the forum! :)

Older APK Versions of Agenda Widget for Android

Agenda Widget for Android 2.0.16 APK Download

Added on July 30, 2012


Jellybean update may require you to follow these steps:

  • data sources
  • tap clear calendars
  • set calendars
  • select your calendars again

2.1.2 for (JB)

  • fixed some JB crashes
  • add preferences to modify grid colors

Agenda Widget for Android 2.1.7 APK Download

Added on August 8, 2012


Jellybean update may:

  • data sources
  • tap clear calendars
  • set calendars
  • select your calendars again

2.1.7 for (Android 3.0+)
For Android 3.x devices, big update to AW 2.x
For Android 4.x+

  • Added grid color customizations (plus only)
  • Added hex text box to color selection dialog
  • New auto refresh mechanic, should be much more reliable
  • Refresh on unlock feature
  • Fixed Astrid issue where allday tasks were ordered as noon tasks


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