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Latest Version: AMdroid – Alarm Clock 1.14.apk


What's New:

  • NEW – Option to set brightness of alarms (independent from device settings)
  • Minor fixes

What is AMdroid – Alarm Clock?

AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock is an innovative alarm clock application for your Android device that adapts to modern-day needs. It’s smart, fully customizable and makes your morning routine better.

An alarm clock with unlimited fully customizable alarm profiles
Recurring alarms – on top of the basic settings you can use advanced recurrence – such as daily or weekly repeats, intervals, expiration etc
One-time alarms – set any date in the future
Countdown alarms – perfect for afternoon naps

Off Days
Automatically downloads public holidays for your country (or add your own off days) and you can set your alarm profile to not go off on these days so you won’t get disturbed.

No more oversleep with this alarm clock app
Easily configure dismiss challenges so you won’t accidentally turn off the active alarm. You may also use post alarm confirmation that will ask you whether are awake or not.

Waking up during light sleep
Configure a gentle pre alarm that will go off before the main one. Lower the volume and disable vibrating for this pre alarm so it’ll only wake you up if you are in light sleep.

Make your profiles location-aware so it’ll only go off if you are in a certain area. Heading out for a business trip or just stay somewhere else for the night? Your morning routine will probably change so AMdroid will temporarily disable your regular alarm profile automatically.

Ever wondered how much time you spend with snoozing? AMdroid will show statistics that you can analyze and use to fine-tune your settings.

Night mode
Specify your optimal sleep amount and AMdroid will notify you when you should get to bed to achieve it. It’s also possible to start a dimmed dash clock to use your device as a digital alarm clock.

For a complete list of features please download AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock.

If you encounter a bug or have an idea or feature request please send an e-mail to or post to

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Important notes:
If your device supports some kind of battery saving function (like STAMINA on some Sony devices) please add AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock to the whitelist as it may cause problems with alarm clock apps.
The app is free and Ad supported (after the alarm), purchase Premium Upgrade to unlock the premium features (Places) and remove Ads.

Older APK Versions of AMdroid – Alarm Clock

AMdroid – Alarm Clock 0.98 APK Download


  • NEW – Weather alert
  • FIX – Fixed an issue when adding weather backup location with name of the city
  • Minor fixes

AMdroid – Alarm Clock 0.99 APK Download


  • NEW – Advanced Recurrence: Now you can schedule your alarm profiles with advanced recurrence (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), including interval end expiration parameters.
  • NEW – You can choose to use buttons to snooze or dismiss
  • NEW – Additional countries supported for Off Days (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Romania, Ukraine)
  • NEW – Adjust the next alarm right from the notification (+/- 10 mins) without opening the app 4.1+
  • Minor fixes

AMdroid – Alarm Clock 1.0 APK Download


  • NEW – Home Screen widget
  • NEW – 10+ new countries for Off Days
  • Minor fixes

AMdroid – Alarm Clock 1.01 APK Download


  • NEW – Android 5.0 support
  • NEW – Backup and restore
  • NEW – Unlocking Places feature
  • NEW – Level 4 for Captcha and Math challenges
  • NEW – New countries supported for Off Days
  • Minor fixes

AMdroid – Alarm Clock 1.1 APK Download

Added on January 24, 2015


  • NEW – Completely new UI with Material Design.
  • NEW – You can quickly change the time of next alarm if you tap on the time in the alarm list
  • Had to remove the support for older Android devices, from now only ICS (4.0) and newer OS versions are supported. This is necessary for future improvements.
  • Minor fixes

AMdroid – Alarm Clock 1.11 APK Download

Added on February 28, 2015


  • NEW – Dark Theme
  • NEW – Option to use large snooze and dismiss buttons
  • NEW – Slide to dismiss is available again
  • NEW – Full screen action during alarms
  • NEW – Different actions for Volume Keys
  • Minor fixes

AMdroid – Alarm Clock 1.12 APK Download

Added on July 15, 2015


  • NEW – Option to adjust the snooze interval when you hit snooze
  • NEW – NFC challenge to dismiss alarms
  • NEW – Google Now integration
  • Minor fixes


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