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What's New:

  • What’s new in Autodesk FormIt Android v2.0:
  •  Updated user interface that utilizes responsive design and conforms to the latest Android standards
  •  Add your own materials including texture maps from your image library or camera
  •  Edit multiple sketches simultaneously in the gallery
  •  Draw splines
  •  Create arrays
  •  Copy and paste between sketches
  •  Rotate the grid
  •  Select multiple objects with the lasso tool
  •  Share images of your sketches with others via email
  •  Manage and apply building levels

What is Autodesk FormIt?

Autodesk® FormIt helps you capture building design concepts digitally anytime, anywhere ideas strike. Use real-world site information to help create forms in context and support early design decisions with real building data. Experience a continuous Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow by synchronizing designs in the cloud for further refinement using Autodesk® Revit® software products and other applications.

Express design ideas with easy-to-use tools:

  • Create forms quickly from a gallery of shapes or by extruding forms from lines
  • Directly manipulate forms using gestures for easy model changes
  • Save designs to the cloud and share with others

Easy access to site information:

  • Set project location in a searchable maps interface
  • Import satellite image of your site
  • Design directly in the context of your proposed building location
  • Explore the effects of the sun using the location-aware Shadow Study tool

Experience a more continuous BIM workflow:

  • Store and share designs in the cloud using Autodesk® 360 cloud services
  • Easily transfer designs to desktop applications via RVT or SAT file formats
  • Explore design ideas and add detail to early design forms using award-winning BIM technology

Older APK Versions of Autodesk FormIt

Autodesk FormIt 1.2 APK Download

Added on December 3, 2013


  •  Material palette to set materials on FormIt objects
  •  Bug fixes


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