Hubble Gallery APK

Latest Version: Hubble Gallery 1.5.0.apk


What's New:

  • Tore down and re-built the navigation drawer, fixing lots of bugs along the way
  • Small design tweaks
  • Misc small bug fixes
Technical notes: The project is moving to Kotlin! at the time of this release a little over 17% of code in the app is written in Kotlin, the goal is to get to around 90%. If you’re an Android dev interested in learning a new language consider contributing

What is Hubble Gallery?

Hubble Gallery is a simple and beautiful application for you to browse through all the amazing images and descriptions that the Hubble Space Telescope mission released to the public over the past 25+ years.

  • Read descriptions on all images that have them
  • Easily navigate photos by section, popularity, and resolution
  • Save links to your favorite images, view them in the favorites section
  • Easily download and share images
  • Set an image as your wallpaper with one click
  • Open source

This app is not official and is not affiliated with NASA, all images and detail information comes from which is run by the Space Telescope Science Institute’s Office of Public Outreach (STScI). You can find more information about the STScI and their astrophysics outreach programs here

Older APK Versions of Hubble Gallery

We've just added this app in our repo. Unfortunately there's no older version of this app yet. If you're the developer of this app and you want to share the previous versions, please contact us.


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